Swenson Enhanced Glock 19 Gen 3 Slides are precision machined from stainless steel for a drop-in fit. Slides are shipped in a stripped configuration with no internal components, ready for standard factory replacement parts or a variety of aftermarket performance parts (including sights). Swenson Enhanced Glock Slides feature custom, dynamic cuts for weight reduction and improved aesthetics. In addition to a beautiful finish, PVD and DLC provide wear resistance characteristics for improved function and longevity. Part may require fitting to your specific gun.
PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a process which vaporizes solid material in a heated vacuum, then deposits the vaporized material in a bonded layer to the designated surface. DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) is a type of PVD process that specifically bonds a form of carbon to the designated surface. PVD/DLC coatings are extremely tough and durable.
- Red Dot Slide Cut for Red Dot Sights Including The Vortex Venom, and Burris Fastfire 3
- Custom Dynamic Slide Cuts
- DLC or PVD Coating
- Precision Machined
- Fits Glock 19 Gen 3

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