Used LET Smith & Wesson® M&P®9 Full-Size 9mm Semi-automatic Pistol Unflinching reliability. Exceptional ergonomics. Superior build quality. It's no surprise that M&P (Military & Police) series handguns are among the most trusted and carried in the country by Law Enforcement and civilians alike. With the M&P9, you get all that excellence along with 9mm muscle, low-profile sights, and a reinforced polymer frame for reduced weight. These Law Enforcement Trade-in models may have finished their service career, but they're ready for a second tour of duty—and for a significantly discounted price. 4" barrel Fixed sights Manual thumb safety Used law enforcement trade-in model Includes (3) 17-rd. magazinePLEASE NOTE: As this is a law enforcement trade-in, expect to see some finish rub and holster wear, but performance is assured. Order today!
Item#: 735883
UPC#: 196640096609

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