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- Model: M91/24
- Caliber: 6.5 Carcano (6.5x52mm)
- Action: Bolt Action
- Capacity: 5 Rounds
- C&R Eligible: Yes
- Condition: Used Surplus Condition
*These rifles are surplus firearms and are being sold as-is. Pictures represent the average condition of the rifles in this shipment.*
Own your own piece of history with one of these highly collectible Carcano Model 91/24 TS rifles.  These rifles were used by the Italian Carabinieri police force. The "TS" in the name stands for "Truppe Special", meaning Special Troop.
These rifles are in a surplus used condition and will have wear marks on them to reflect that. Condition wear marks may include, but are not limited to scratches, dings, minor cracks, or other blemishes which effect the finish of the rifle.  These rifles are completely functional, but are surplus and we recommend having them inspected by a competent gunsmith prior to firing. 
We are not offering hand-picked selections for these rifles.  These are surplus rifles and are sold as-is.
MPN#: 5165500961

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In for one. Always wanted an Oswald rifle for my milsurp collection. Not exact, but close enough for the money.

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One of the few available surplus rifles that can claim the title of being worse quality and even more obsolete than a Mosin Nagant.

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Limited “grassy knoll” editions

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The Babushka lady prolly had one

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