SureFire G2X Pro Dual-Output LED Flashlight with click switch, Black - $37.10 shipped

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The G2X Pro is a compact yet powerful polymer-body flashlight that uses a high-efficiency LED--virtually immune to failure since there's no filament to burn out or break--to provide two light output levels: a brilliant, penetrating, perfectly pre-focused 320-lumen beam, and a 15-lumen low-output setting that lets you greatly extend the runtime per set of batteries, an invaluable option when you find yourself miles from civilization. Press the tailcap switch for momentary-on low, press further to click constant-on low, return to off and press or click on again within two seconds for high. The tough Nitrolon polymer body is smoothly sculpted for a comfortable, secure grip and resists scratches, abrasion, and corrosion. A polycarbonate micro-textured reflector delivers a comparatively wider beam with generous peripheral light.
ASIN#: B009F7J960
Model number#: G2X-D-BK

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Flashlights & Lasers
Brand: Surefire
UPC: 611267430242
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Thanks for the info I guess

Thanks for the info I guess I’m late to the party this is the first time I’ve heard of fake spot. Great site

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I have been using the Polytac

I have been using the Polytac Streamlight. It is the same price, has glass lens, more functions and is 1" to fit in my rail light mount brackets. They are holding up well. This looks like a knock off of it.

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Not sure they are worth the

Not sure they are worth the price anymore. Bought cheaper brands that have been reliable, brighter, doesn't get as hot and has more features like strobe

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Details are so important for

Details are so important for a conversation to exist.

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After the stunt Surefire

After the stunt Surefire pulled on Black Friday I’ll take my money elsewhere, regardless of the price on their products.

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I'm in for a Pro. My P2X

I'm in for a Pro. My P2X Fury is 500 lumens on high, and man does it chew through the batteries. Good deer spotter though

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Great light at a great price.

Great light at a great price. Last time I got a good deal on this from Amazon was April of '16 for $42.49. Just bought another one.

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description states surefire .

description states surefire . i bought the tac and le model off amazon, both came in surefire heavy package with instruction booklet .
last year i got burned with fake oakley sunglasses, filed a complaint and was refunded my $ .
my lights are 100 % surefire and have performed 100% .
check this,
btw price is 43.07 now still a good deal on the pro and le .

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chaswea's picture

Good chance

Good chance

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What are the chances this is

What are the chances this is counterfeit? I've read that they have even been having problems with counterfeit surefire lights that are sold by Amazon. With this one not even being sold by Amazon, I'm nervous.

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I bought the LE version (400

I bought the LE version (400 lumens) for $45 the other day sold from amazon... didn’t have any issues..

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For what it's worth, the good

For what it's worth, the good reviews on this one (posted on Amazon) appear to be genuine. I ran the product URL through FakeSpot and the results came out pretty good: I'm tempted to buy one myself.

EDIT: I just bought one. Thanks for the post, OP.

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...and thanks for the link !

...and thanks for the link ! this is how gun deals works, 2A brothers passing on helpful info, instead of "this one vs that one ."

pay it forward !

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