The patent pending SI UDC enables users to attach and detach the cover in 5 to 10 seconds with ease (stock dust cover will take more time to remove)! It is constructed of a high-density polymer making it more durable and functional than the traditional dust covers. The Ultimate Dust Cover features an adjustable detent set screw in order to compensate wear on the receiver and increase or decrease opening power (To adjust detent: use small flathead driver and depress the ball detent and adjust as necessary.). Choose multiple designs to customize your AR!

NEW features of the Ultimate Dust Cover Enhanced Version include the added cut-out window on the rod for easy disassemble and that it has been made thinner than the original to be compatible with all AR15 receivers on the market and at the same time makes it even lighter weighing in at only 0.3oz!

Additionally, The "True Seal" Lip has been slightly modified to provide an even better seal then ever before! The patent pending UDC-E (Ultimate Dust Cover- Enhanced Version) is the modified version of the original UDC for mil-spec receivers.

Product Spec
- Length: 3.46in
- Weight: .3oz
- Materials: Polymer
- Color: Black or FDE

Package includes:
- 1x Dust Cover
- 1x Spring
- 1x Pin

- Patent pending spring-loaded, internal detent rod for easy installation and take-down.
- Constructed with lightweight durable polymer material weighing in at only .3oz!!!
- Cut-out window for easy disassembly on any AR15 receiver!
- Will never corrode rust or fade
- Will never deform or get bent out of shape
- Comes in a variety of designs
- Patent pending "True Seal" internal lip that seals the port tighter than traditional dust cover designs.
- Built-in adjustable detent set screw to compensate for wear on the receiver.

SKU: SI-AR-UDC-E-01-223-BK

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These may seem silly, but they make install/uninstall really easy.

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Nice deal. First time I have seen them at this price with free S/H. In for two.

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