The Strike Industries has been bringing innovation to firearms parts for years. The Strike Industries Dual Folding Adapter is no different. The Dual Folding Adapter patented design attaches to a rear 1913 Picatinny rail and allows you to fold your stock or brace to the left or the right without any modification. The adapter also provides for positive retention in the folded position. Included are both a rear stock piece with a rubber buttpad and a stabilizer piece so it can be used for your rifle or pistol build. The Strike Industries Dual Folding Adapter features QD attachment points on both stock and stabilizer pieces. The total length of this system is 9.44" giving a great length of pull and weighs under 10 oz. in either configuration. This slim design makes for easy rifle storage in a bag measuring only 2.09" at its widest point. If you are looking for a folding stock adapter the Strike Industries Dual Folding Adapter may be the way to go.
- Preassembled in stabilizer form and includes a stock piece for use with a rifle
- Patented dual folding system allowing it to fold to the left or right with no modification
- Attaches to 1913 Picatinny rear rail
- Length added when unfolded: 9.18"
- Length added when folded: 1.02"
- Weighs 9.90 oz. in stock form
- Weighs 9.60 oz in stabilizer form
Brand: Strike Industries
Fitment: M1913 Picatinny

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