Strike Industries’ simple but innovative design in its shift takedown pins eliminates the need to mess with the tiny detents. The takedown pins feature an extended grip surface, and they’re designed with quick detach mechanisms so you’ll never need to remove your endplate, castle nut or buffer tube to disassemble. Just rotate the pin to install or remove and you’re good to go. These takedown pins are CNC-machined from solid steel to be strong and corrosion-resistant while providing a precise, reliable fit on most AR standard and billet receivers.

Watch the how-to video below for a quick demonstration of how easy it is to install and uninstall these pins. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.


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no first class mail option for small parts - $8 shipping is a deal killer

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Saw the video.Interetsing concept. If I were removing my pins on the regular from the lower, I would consider getting a set to try out.

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I own a pair of these pins and there seems to be only two advantages to these.

1.) They are very easy to install and uninstall, when needed
2.) They provide increased grip and surface area versus stock takedown pins

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