Stoeger introduces the next generation of airgun technology in its fastshooting, hard-hitting, yet quiet S4000-E. It comes with multiple features to customize the fit and feel, including MGS and ProAdaptive Checkering technologies. The integrated S3 suppressor dramatically reduces shot noise. A recoil-absorbing buttpad makes shooting a joy. Other features include an ambidextrous safety, adjustable two-stage trigger, and interchangeable fiber-optic bars for the front sight. The rifled barrel teams with the included scope to deliver impressive accuracy shot after shot. Step into the future of air guns with S4000-E.The ergonomically designed S4000-E suppressor shroud also serves as the cocking grip – allowing for easy operation of the powerful Gas Ram System break-barrel action.
MPN#: 30314
UPC#: 037084303147

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cracks me up a . 22 caliber air gun, or any of the big bore airguns,.30cal, 357, even . 50cal all can have a silencer with no issues yet we cant have one on our .22 rimfires without an ok from daddy goverment and a fee..... these big bore air rifles have killed all sorts of large game including the big 5 in Africa. If theyll kill those then no problem against squishy humans. lol

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I’d like a .50 cal my bro in Hawaii had one we hunted with they’re unreal. Not sure if same manufacturer though.

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Seems like a good city squirrel/hasenpfeffer rig. Got a big sum bitch in my yard letting him plump up before I hunt him have my blind up alread

Anyone know if calf starter is bad for bunnies and tree rats ? Ah never mind...

2 votes
2 votes
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