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Stoeger® Condor Field Over/Under Shotgun
Stylish, reliable over/under shotgun at a great price
Versatile – great gun for hunting or competition shooting
A-grade American-walnut stock with satin finish
Comes with screw-in IC and M choke tubes
Well balanced
An elegant and reliable over/under shotgun at an affordable price, the Stoeger Condor Field Over/Under Shotgun offers something for all shooters. Great for hunting or competition shooting, this well-balanced shotgun is built to spur quick handling for a fast acquisition and shot. This versatile shooter features an A-grade American-walnut stock with satin finish, brass-bead sights, and a single, gold, non-selective trigger to give you a gun that looks as good as it shoots. Like all Condor models, the Condor has a blued receiver with highly polished finish and machine-turned, monobloc sides. Ventilated rib. Shell extractors. Comes with screw-in IC and M choke tubes.

Gauge Barrel Length (in) Chamber Length (in) Hand Capacity Finish Stock Description Model Weight (lb) SKU
12 28 3 Right 2 Blued Walnut Oil Finish 31438 7.4 05574609

Item: IK-293651

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I checked this link yesterday and it was the sale price but it's showing full price today ($399). Is the sale over or is there a code?

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I bought one at Cabela's and it was a pain. Did not reliably fire the 2nd shot (top barrel). Had to send it back to factory. Advised about 6 weeks for repair. Many people complain about this same problem online. And yes I did totally clean factory grease. Guess you can't expect much for this price....

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Really great price. These were $450 a few years ago. Actions are stiff and need a good few hundred cycles with some oil to break in. Machining quality is meh, bluing is good, but not deep or finely polished. Wood on most is surprisingly nice. It’s worth way more than $329. Very good value for the money. Worth having an extra one around as a beater or loaner gun.

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Are they made in Turkey or Brazil? Not that is a problem; just honestly curious.

Only issue i have is buying at Cabelas is not the best experience: you will be there for about an hour from the time you tell them you will get it until you walk out. They will do NICS on you even if in your state it is not required if you have a concealed license. And then they get the fattest sharpie they can get to vandalize the box by writing your name on it.

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Mines made in Brazil. AFAIK, they all are. I also have an early model Mossberg Silver Reserve which was made in Turkey. The Mossberg is more ornate, came with more choke tubes and had a selector for changing which barrel fires first. IMO the build quality of the Stoeger is very similar to the Mossberg (very good). I think both are very good for a budget O/U. I actually think for me the Stoeger shoulders better. For this price and level of quality, I couldn’t pass the Condor up (although I do try to buy American when possible). If you’re in the market for a budget gun that isn’t junk, this might be right for you.

Also +1 on your assessment of Cabelas. It wasn’t the most seamless transaction for me despite providing all the information when ordering online. Took them over an hour to locate the gun and process the paper work even though I have a CCP.

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