The OTAL-C is the classic version of this offset tactical aiming laser. Rugged and compact, the OTAL-C laser is used by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide and has developed a reputation for ruggedness and reliability. The compact design minimizes weight and the low profile makes it easy to mount in front of scopes, holographic sights or night-vision devices.Product features: Visible Laser <5 mW Class Illa Eye Safe Operation

Class IIIA Eye safe Operation
Visible Red laser
Quick release ht mount
Fully adjustable windage/elevation
Push-button or remote cable pad Activation

Item model number: 9055

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Insane money for what amounts to a simple, red laser device.

Who is buying these things?

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Tacticool operators love overpaying for stuff like this for their Mk18 clone builds since most can’t afford the even more expensive actual mil gear.

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