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Engineered to mount on walls between studs that are 16" on center using pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware. Electronic lock activates the two live-action locking bolts. Includes a key rack and key tags. Concealed hinges add security. Inside there are two removable shelves and a document folder for receipts, passports or other papers. Straps allow pistols to be mounted to the back. Tested and listed as a California D.O.J. firearm safety device.
Dimensions: 20-5/8"H x 13-13/16"W x 3-3/4"D.
Item number#: IK-231078
SKU#: PWS-1522 ($119.99)
UPC#: 085529015223 ($119.99)

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Agreed. Combo lock is the best option.

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0 votes what this locksmith can do with a magnet, or anyone else, for that matter. . Electronic safes are a rip off. Too easy to get into or they become a tomb for your firearms if there is a EMP blast.

2 votes
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