Protect your guns and valuables with the Stack-On Total Defense 40-Gun Waterproof and Fireproof Safe with Backlit Electronic Lock. It is waterproof and fireproof for protection against floods and fire, and you can store long guns and MSRs thanks to the 3 adjustable-position barrel rests and 5 adjustable-position shelves. An electronic lock adds security, and the solid steel and 12 gauge steel materials offer sturdiness.
Features and Benefits
Solid steel construction and 12 gauge steel door for durability
3 deadbolts and a 5-spoke handle that engages 7 solid-steel live-action locking bolts for security
Has a 75-minute, 1400-degree F fire rating and 72-hour, 2-foot waterproof rating
Interior includes 3 adjustable-position barrel rests and 5 adjustable-position shelves for custom configurations
Added storage includes a factory-installed door organizer with sewn-in gun holsters, zippered pouches, and Molle compatible storage
Factory-installed electrical outlet powers dehumidifiers, lighting kits and other in-safe accessories
Backlit electronic lock stores a 3 to 8 digit combination and includes a backup key for convenience
Fire protection rating: 75 minute, 1400 degrees F fire rating
Exterior material: Solid steel
External depth (in.): 25.5
Internal width (in.): 26.57
Water resistance rating: 72 hour, 2-foot waterproof rating
Product weight (lb.): 562
Safe Type: Long gun
Capacity: 24 - 49
Door Material: 12 gauge steel
External width (in.): 29.25
Internal depth (in.): 18.98
Internal height (in.): 55.75
External height (in.): 59
What's in the Box
Stack-On Total Defense 40-Gun Waterproof and Fireproof Safe with Backlit Electronic Lock
Owner's manual


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Bought it. Going next to my other one. BTW they want 250 to ship. Obviously do curbside store pickup.

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I'd like one, but would like to see it in person first...which is a little difficult given current lockdown of stores. Also not sure exactly how i'd get a 550# safe into my house, lol.

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It's not easy to move. You'll be better to have 2 people and an appliance dolly. It's the biggest safe you can get through standard doorways and isn't the easiest to do that. Pretty deep too. I've got about 20 long guns, some with scopes and 15 or so pistols along with the standard fare of what folks keep in safes. Its busting at the seams. That said, I moved my 1st one myself using a regular dolly and pieces of 1/2 in PVC. It was a bitch that I'll have to entertain again. Overall is nice. Everything is what you would expect and I've had no issues in 3 years. Replaced the keypad batteries once. Fit and finish is great. Has the electrical bits. The door gap is even all around at 0.65 inches. Comes with all the hardware you need for shelves, which there are extra for different configurations.

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