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The Stack-On Gun Storage Safe features a black epoxy paint finish, chrome accents and a silk screen on the door. This cabinet also features a three-point locking system that provides greater security than other safes. It is fully convertible and has adjustable shelves that can be placed on the right or left side of the cabinet. The steel center partition and shelves can be installed or removed to customize the safe to fit your storage needs. The top shelf is positioned in the front of the unit, so long guns can be stored along the back wall. This Stack-On Gun Safe holds 18 firearms up to 54" tall or nine firearms with extra storage. The Stack-On Safe can also be used for storage only. Foam padding is included for all shelves and the bottom of the cabinet to protect your firearms from scratches.
3-point locking system
Holds 18 firearms up to 54" tall, or 9 firearms and storage, or all storage
Material Metal
Dimensions 21.00 x 18.00 x 55.00 Inches

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It's a keyed lock. "Seized"? Improbable. Something may have fallen onto the exposed mechanism but seized... I doubt.

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Bought two of these. After 2 months, lock seized on one. Called Stack-On and got the Weasel Runaround. Best they would do is send a replacement lock. Drilling out the seuzed lock is my problem.
If you buy any of these pieces of CRAP after you have been warned, any of the sure problems to come, IS ALL ON YOU.

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