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Keep your entire gun collection in the Stack-On 8-Gun Security Cabinet for safekeeping. It's built from steel with a reliable 3-point locking system. Store a total of 8 long guns inside, or use it for other valuables.
Features and Benefits
- Forged from 18 to 20 gauge steel
- 3 locking bolts keep your belongings secure
- Stores up to 8 long guns
- Exterior material: 18 gauge steel
- External depth (in.): 11.25
- Product weight (lb.): 50.34
- Safe type: Long gun
- Capacity: Under 24
- Lock: Circular key
- Door material: 18-20 gauge steel
- External width (in.): 17
- External height (in.): 53
- Locking bolts: 3
SKU#: 117321211
UPC#: 085529180808

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Comments (6)

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Who posted this crap with $50 shipping???

4 votes
0 votes

Comes with complimentary KY Jelly, They collect tax on me now on top of all that.. what a deal!

1 vote
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$79.99 + $49 shipping + 6% tax
= $136.73 shipped to Pennsylvania.
No thanks

3 votes
0 votes

I'd pass even for 80 shipped, the RTA in this model means ready to assemble, you have to put it together.

look for GCB-908, it's similar but comes welded, you just have to install shelf & barrel rests, they usually hover around 100-120 and dip below 100 sometimes.

I just got one but warning, a 16in ar15 is not high enough to reach the barrel rest even fully extended, had to build a 3in platform.

1 vote
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$138.34 here in Washington. It's cheaper to go into a Tractor Supply, Home Depot, or even Big 5 to get the same one, and there wouldn't be state sales tax since it's considered a gun safe by law and exempted (A fact Academy either isn't aware of or doesn't care, they're charging it regardless). I have to agree, no thanks on this not a deal.

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no free shipping over $25 on this item

0 votes
0 votes
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