Product Specs
270 lbs
Lock Type
Matte Black
External Dimensions: (W X D X H)
21 x 19.75 x 48″
Internal Dimensions: (W X D X H)
18.5 x 13.5 x 45.5″
Interior Volume
6.62 cu. ft.
Shelf Count
Hanging Pistol Racks
Three, 4-position under-shelf hanging pistol racks

Fireproof for 30 minutes up to 1400° F (verified by an independent laboratory)
Electronic lock stores a 3-8 digit combination – backup key included
4-way door locking with five 1.5" live action locking bolts and three 1" dead bolts for a total of eight locking points
Allows for storage of 2 MSR's , extra-deep adjustable barrel rests are included
Includes 3, 4-position hanging pistol racks
Factory-installed door organizer with sewn-in elastic bands and pouches
3 adjustable shelves
Keypad can be silenced
Electronic lock batteries accessible from the front of the safe
Lifetime Warranty
Mounting hardware included
This is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder

#SKU: 564433445
SKU#: E-13-MB-E-S

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Still waiting for you JPo. All your promises are Shit. Just like yourself. Didn't show up last night. What happened? All talk? Still waiting for you to post my private info. What happened? All talk? Just a little shit lick who hides behind that monitor. You ain't gonna do shit son.

I absolutely love this thing. If you already have large safes, this one works great for smaller nooks around your home. It's not the highest quality but it serves its purpose and does it well. I can strap it to a dolly with inflatable wheels and get it to my second floor with ease. I left only one shelf (at the highest level) and was able to cram 8 rifles in the space. I'll be bolting it down this weekend and (hopefully) ordering a second one! Next step is figuring out the best dessicant system since space is limited.

See pics at

Notice that the bolt action up in the front is a Savage 10 with a 24" barrel.

Looks great! Did you bolt it down?

Pretty sweet deal!! Picked one up!

I would like a reply and opinion from someone who has one of these.
I plan to get one to lock up some guns I rarely use and some I just want to hang on to for various reasons.
My plan is to cut a series of holes and/or slots in the top and have any long gun barrels just stick out of the top. I have several long barreled hunting shotguns, and Mosin Nagants, things like that.
I plan to reinforce between the slots or holes with some pieces of flat bar attached on the outside with carriage bolts.
Then I will just use a shelf or a bottomless box to cover the protruding barrels and have a flat top again. Maybe even attach the top with some angle metal.
I am not worried about fire protection or looks, this would go inside a locked closet.
If anyone who has one of these or accurate knowledge of these could tell me if this plan has any chance of working well or not, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

Use Ebates to get additional money back ($26 dollars)

Is the door drill proof?

Ordered mine online & Picked up yesterday in store. No freight this way, and it arrived a full week before ETA. Very nice little safe for the price. Perfect to hold some of the overflow from my main safe. May grab another. Easy to move with a 2 wheeler.

Just got a order ready for pick up for mine. Should I bring my 2 wheeler or does walmart have one available to get it out the door.

Picked it up today. Walmart employee brought it out to the truck with a pallet jack. Helped load it in the truck. Great customer service.

How much is it for the freight shipping?! On average I mean 48 continental states.... I cannot find anything on the website here...

Maybe you need to adjust your bifocals. It is plainly stated in the title. It is also right on the listing for this safe on

Walmart website shows $50.

Freight is to your house and free shipping is if you pick up directly at the store.

I will put this safe in my 24 gun and then put that into a 60 gun. Should be good then...

nice size and price for pistols

Citi is also going after merchants that sell firearms. I have a citi card and the 22 month zero interest period is about to expire. Time to cut it up and move on

In case you have not heard, Bank of America will stop financing manufacturers of 'military-style' guns. Even if it is a perfectly legal and legit company. What do they mean by 'Military-style'? Who knows. AR15? 1911? Semi-auto rifle? But if they look in my gun closet, they would probably find a few. We no longer have a BOA credit card because we had trouble with them and went exclusively to Discover. But our two home loans were bought by them years ago. Well, F them. I just today paid off our second mortgage years ahead of schedule. They will no longer be using that 7.25% interest for their anti-gun agenda. Now to start working on the primary loan. Please share this with as many of your gun rights and 2nd amendment lovers as you can.

You had trouble with BOA cause you wouldn't pay your bill poor peasant.

Yea, I just paid off a loan because I am 'poor'. Do you know how ignorant you sound? I will put my credit rating and checking acct. up against yours any day, Junior. Do you even have a credit rating? And how much do you pay mommy for renting out the basement, kid? Do trailers even have basements? I am probably on the wrong track. Government subsidized housing is probably more to your families taste. People like you usually 'rent' cellphones whos MSRP is twice their net worth.

Ok big dick, I may be young (39) but I am comfortably retired and you don't want to compare anything with me. My net worth is public knowledge because of the company I was associated with but your not smart enough to figure out who I am.

This is really quite humorous. I know exactly who KT is by the language and name. I know he is quite the collector when it comes to firearms and loves to mess with people. I was his pilot for about 18 months and helped start my love for firearms.

Good try 'KT' What a little sis.
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Millionaires don't need two accounts to build up their millionaire reputation, son. You have a lot to learn.

"I was his pilot for about 18 months"...this crap is hilarious!

Maybe I need to make another account so he can tell 'DOC' he is as full of $hit as you are 'KT"!!! And you...39 years old? Try again, Sweetheart. How about 20? That's what I am feeling after reading your posts.

Oh, I sure you are (sarcasm). I can tell by your whiny comments you are nothing but trash and come off as being about 22...if that. Usually, referring to others as a 'big dick' wears off after High School. And surely before one is 39 years of age. But since you usually have no ammo or point for your debates, I guess you have no other comebacks besides profanity an 'yo mama' jokes. Anyone can be a pretend millionaire online. People with no life and want to 'pretend' they live a more luxurious life then everyone else. This coming from a guy who says .10 ammo... even though the caliber was .223 and the price was $.19 a round. And I think you misspelled a word. It is spelled 'RETARDED'. Millionaires don't spend their free time talking shit on a gun site. Now, someone living in mommy's spare bedroom would because he has nothing else better to do. But will guess for S& this Jared Fogle??? Two last things...quit referring to other men's dicks on SD/GD and get back to your gay porn site where you can have all the dick you need Richy Rich.

BTW...Having such a healthy cash flow, why are you on $250 safe posts and '.10 ammo' posts? Let us know Jeff Bezos .

You'll fit more stuff into one of those Ridgid storage chests and it's just as secure IMO. You can find used ones for around $200.

My big safe is pretty full and needed something to move the ammo and a few pistols and mags to. This looks like it will work fine. Ordered one with free local pickup and 7% ebates cashback on outdoor sporting goods.

Buy a small safe like this and you’ll be cursing yourself in 2 years because you didn’t get a bigger one. This one might be good for ammo or handguns, but that’s it. I don’t even think my 26” barrel Mossberg shotgun would fit in this.

How many guns can this safe hold?

I'm still considering it I only have a couple a Ar Bullpup and some pistols

Hell, you will be fine. Shelves are adjustable. Great deal.

How many of WHAT gun? I mean, without boxes, I'm guessing 100 j-frames easily. If you stack them, probably more. For rifles, you're going to need to make some modifications, it would seem.

You need a bigger safe for long guns. This is for ammo/pistols.

Stack-On 48in Shooters Fire Resistant Safe w/Electronic Lock30min Fire RatingDoor Storage1.5in Locking BoltsBlack E-13-MB-E-S



Doesn't seem like very many. Designed for handguns

Why do some safes at Walmart have free shipping and some have freight charges?

Who knows. One item will have FREE SHIPPING. Then, I see the exact same item, just a different color, and it had $50 S/H. And they were both sent by Stack-on to your home. $50 fright really isn't too bad for this 270lb monster.

Almost bought this. What’s so different than buying a gun cabinet and lining it with Sheetrock and carpet ? Save $100 or more.

Steel gauges are different.

If you line it, don't use sheetrock. Use OSB 7/16 chipboard. Lowes has heavy duty felt carpeting in the flooring section. Use it and staple it on your sides with a pneumatic stapler. Not a simple project but it will look nice when you are done.

The reasons sheetrock is used is for fireproofing, not for beauty. OSB isn't fire-resistant, being made of wood and all that.

Small problem...if it is hot enough to melt the cabinet, your guns will be damaged as well as your ammo will cook off. And what is holding your sheetrock in place? The cabinet. Not to mention the felt and carpeting will combust pretty quick. A fire is about 593 C or 1,100 F. And what is your ammo packed in? Paper and cardboard. Ever heard of that movie Fahrenheit 451? Know why it is called that? If you want to go that route, just take a small closet, OSB over the sheetrock. Felt the inside. Carpet the floor. Build (2) 1X4 shelves 1/2 to 3/4 the depth of your closet. Stain them. Place your shelves-one on the left, one on the right. Build a gun shelf on the floor and one midway up. Be sure to measure the rifles/guns you want to place in the closet. Then take a 1X4 and cut it out to match the barrels of your guns. It will need a 1X2 nailed to the bottom to make an L shape. Stain them. Place them at the top above your gun shelves to lean your barrels on. Mount them with screws to allow removal in case you buy a different gun and need to change it. Carpet the gun shelves and felt the 1X4 where you lean your barrels. Install a light. Measure the back side of your door and cut another piece of OSB. Wrap a piece of felt around it and staple it to the back. Place it on the back of the door and screw it onto the door. Now you can buy some cheap hosters and magazine pouches on ebay and screw them to the back of the door. I fitted about 6 pistols with pouches for all my mags on the door. Just allow room to shut the door. Install a light and now you have a place to put your rifles/shotguns/pistols and ammo. I did my small closet in a day. That included drying times for the stain, building/designing the shelves and installing the light. If it is in a hallway, just hook your light up to the hall lights. If you want, you can buy some of those styrofoam AR magazine holders and place them on the top shelf right behind your ARs. Now your ARs can be on top with your magazines right behind them. Just take your time with designing it. It will save time. Using pneumatic staplers and hammers will make this a quick project.

Here is how mine turned out TOP BOTTOM DOOR

You can design it the way you want. Just make sure you own your own home and don't plan on moving for a while. All this is PERMANENT! And have gun insurance. This will not stop theft or fire. But most theives won't check a hall closet when there is so many goodies in the livingroom area. And place a deadbolt on the door.

Osb, lmao forget the fireproofing!!!

You want fireproof, buy a fireproof safe. Not a cheap cabinet with sheetrock as a barrier. Pretty stupid idea unless you are so poor it is your only option. You will have 25-45 minutes (max) and your guns/ammo will be trash. Not to mention all the areas you can't sheetrock (around the door frame) will allow heat into the cabinet within just minutes. So now you have a very nice 800-1100F oven. When will ammo cookoff? 450F? And your Nylon based polymer guns? Here is the (Tm) Temperature of 'melting' point of some Nylon monopolymers:
Nylon 6 (-caprolactam) 225°C(437°F)
Nylon 6,6 (hexamethylene adipamide) 265°C(509°F)
Nylon 6,10 (hexamethylene sebacamide) 227°C(441°F)​
Nylon 11 (ω−undecanamide) 189°C(372°F)
Nylon 12 (ω-dodecanamide) 179°C(354°F)

So much for them.

You would be better buying a 1950-60 refrigerator and making a gun cabinet from it. Preferably one with asbestos.

Don;t forget the expansion seal for the fireproofing as well. huge difference between a stack-on cabinet and an safe thats designed to withstand an hour of high heat. you get what you pay for but realistically fire isn't usually the issue water or force is. Realistically this is what they label a safe but it's an RSC (residential security container.) A real true to life safe is expensive and will delay entry from a professional a whole lot longer. Theses aren't a bad deal and for most people as long as the location is good does what it needs to do slows down normal crooks from getting in (provided your not leaving your safe next to your tools)

Free local pickup

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