Springfield XDE 9mm 3" 8 Rd - $399.99 (Free S/H No Minimum)

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There are some tools so basic, you can’t imagine being without them. But even essential tools can be refined and improved.

That’s the principle behind the new XD-E™: the best elements of the world-renowned XD® Series, condensed into a weapon so intuitive, comfortable and accurate, you can’t imagine being without it.

The XD-E™ sculpts unmatched Point And Shoot Ergonomics™ into a sleek frame just an inch wide, for hand and holster fit so satisfying you’ll take it everywhere. The low-effort slide practically racks itself, so handling’s a pleasure. The exposed hammer clearly shows gun mode, and the single/double action trigger shows respect for your shooting style, unlike other compacts.

Height 5" w/ flush magazine ; 5.25" w/ magazine x-tension
Grip Width 1"
Slide Forged Steel, Melonite
Frame Black Poly
Sights Fiber Optic Front, Low Profile Combat Rear
Barrel 3.3"
Magazines 1-8 Round w/ Grip X-Tension.; 1- 9rd w/ Mag X-Tension

SKU#: 101-58889

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Springfield
UPC: 706397913670
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Corpsie's picture

Stop supporting anti-2A

Stop supporting anti-2A Springfield until their executives resign.

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1 vote
DuaneDibbley's picture

Are you going to boycott all

Are you going to boycott all the companies that I (and everyone else on here) am/are pissed at? No? Well, how about you let others spend their paycheck how they want. They DID earn it themselves. They should be able to spend it the way they want without either you or their mommy telling them otherwise. Most people know about Springfield and RRA. We don't need you hitting up all the posts like GFD (Cupcake) has been doing.

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This dude again... Looked

This dude again... Looked through GFD's 94 posts and not a single positive comment. Just a bitter old man, I guess... One would think that having kids (one in the military) and grandchildren would bring some joy to a man's life. I guess not.

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1 vote
DuaneDibbley's picture

I believe GFD is just out

I believe GFD is just out here to badmouth RRA and Springfield. He doesn't post on anything but them. Doubt it if he even owns a gun. I don't care if people buy Springfield or not. My last 3 purchases have been two Taurus pistols and a Ruger pistol. My next will probably be another Ruger. But idiots like him are not going to come on here and tell ME where I should or should not spend MY paycheck. F*** HIM and his crybaby videos!

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Springfield Armory foreign

Springfield Armory foreign made crap and let's not forget how Springfield, and Rock River Arms, gave money to anti-gun politicians.