Springfield Armory’s XD(M) set a higher standard for comfort, ease of operations and performance. XD(M)s have interchangeable back straps to perfectly fit your hand. It has added slide serrations with the same grip angle as the XD and 1911.Features:Striker Status Indicator gives a visual and tactile feedback of the condition of the pistolLoaded Chamber Indicator gives a visual and tactile feedback of the condition of the pistolUltra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System which prevents rearward movement of the trigger without it being intentional.Grip SafetyInternal Firing Pin BlockAccessory RailAmbidextrous Magazine ReleaseFully Supported Ramped BarrelMatch Grade BarrelOne Piece Full Length Guide RodRugged Melonite or Stainless Steel FinishAbout Springfield ArmoryIn 1777, just after the start of the American Revolution George Washington established the United States' first armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Springfield Armory during the Revolutionary War was used as a site to secure ammunition and gun carriages vital to the struggle for independence. After the Revolutionary War, the Springfield Armory began manufacturing muskets for the new nation and quickly became a center for weapons development in the United States for nearly two centuries, producing some of the nation's most prolific firearms including the M1911 pistol, M1 Garand rifle, and the M14 rifle. After the Springfield Armory was closed in 1968 by the federal government, the Reese family of Geneseo, Illinois licensed the name and insignia of Springfield Armory. Since then the company has dedicated itself to protecting the legacy of the Springfield Armory by continuing to develop high quality firearms and reproducing some of the Armory's most famous firearms like the 1911 pistol and their semi-automatic version of the M14, the M1A rifle. Springfield Armory has won multiple American Rifleman's Golden Bullseye Awards and has become one of the largest firearm manufactures in the world.

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I hear ya B, pretty much what I was thinking, but the XDM is a Awesome, dependable product.

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Wonders how *truly* accurate these are.

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They’re pretty standard in accuracy. Much like a Glock 34 long-slide. Where they lose me is the value retention. Pretty much any XD series drops value like a rock after purchasing. They’re great pistols if you plan to buy, use, and keep them. If you ever intend to sell one, expect to sell for 1/2 price you pay - no matter the condition.

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