The Spring-Poppers are designed to work with rifles 308 and smaller at 100 yards. When hit the target flips back and is automatically reset by a spring. They were not designed to be shot with handguns. The base can direct bullet splash back at the shooter. If using with handguns they must be used at a minimum of 25 yards.

Add legs to base option- Product details can be found here-Spring-Popper Legs

Note: The target is 12" tall with a 6" circle

The base is a full 23.75" long with two holes for stakes. The base is constructed of hardened steel, much like the target. During our testing of the competition we found that some used mild steel bases. The bullets splash will quickly cut through these cheaper target bases. Keep this in mind when selecting an Spring-Popper - products are built to last!

Don't forget the legs. They are not required but make using the target much easier. Found at:

Spring-Popper Legs – CLICK HERE

Rifles over 3000fps MV must be used at 200 yards to prevent damage to the target.

The target and base are powder coated black. Feel free to paint them any color.

Shipping is priced to the lower 48 states. Customers outside of the lower 48 please contact us for a shipping quote.

SKU: RT001

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Sportsman Outdoor Super Store has steel popper for $60. Same AR 500 3/8" plate.

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Good find! Thanks much.... $67 to the door. Was tempted to buy two.

On this cheaper popper the base plate may not be hardened but I can always tack weld a sacrifice plate if the wear is too much.
Folks w/o a welder could just strap a piece of plywood on top with a steel hose clamp. It would take a lot of rounds before the splatter chews up a piece of 3/4 ply.
In reality I think the lead splatter would just build up on the base versus cutting through it.

BtW the cheap one is 4" versus the posted 6".
If you are at longer distances beyond 200 yards, most average shooters would probbaly need the 6".
However at 100 yards I kinda think the 4" is a better fit because the 6" may be too easy.

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$146.75 with legs

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