Sports Afield Standard Series SA5526BASIC gun safe allows you to secure up to 30 long guns, ammunition, and valuables. The configurable interior is easily adaptable for all types of valuables. Backed by a lifetime, no hassle warranty.

Fully programmable electric lock with 2 backup access keys
Fire protection for 30 minutes up to 1,200°F with expandable palusol fire and smoke seal
Heavy duty, solid steel walls with pry resistant recessed doors that swing 180° for full access to interior of safe
Uni weld construction - full seam welds
Fully adjustable shelving, including 1 top shelf and 2 adjustable side shelves
California DOJ approved
Eight 1.25 in. chrome steel locking bolts
Accommodates up to 30 long guns to keep your collection safe and secure
Textured black exterior finish
Includes 4 pre-cut anchor holes and bolt down kit
Lifetime hassle free warranty for against fire, theft and flood
Lifetime guarantee on parts, paint and locks
Free locksmith if ever locked out
Model # SA5526BASIC Internet #304080308

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The safe is a Special Buy price from Home Depot website for over a year now. $569 with Free S/H AND a $100 Home Depot Gift Card would have been a better deal.

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Menards had this exact safe this past black Friday for $340 and a $70 mail in rebate = $270. I picked one up its not worth the $570 its a low end safe. Sports Afield has high end safes just not this one.

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