The SpecterOS™ 4x lightweight optical day sight provides the shooter with a 4x magnified sight with a field-of-view of 6°. This bright, high resolution 4-power optics provide long-range target identification and precision marksmanship capability out to 800 meters.

Allow 1-2 weeks for processing

The SpecterOS™ 4x is a rugged lightweight optical day sight (LDS) designed for 5.56 NATO standard light arms (e.g. SA80, C7, M4). The SpecterOS™ 4xLDS by ELCAN utilizes the superior optics and mechanics of the commercially available SpecterDR™. The SpecterOS™ 4x is a fixed 4x magnification optical sight with a large exit pupil and long 70mm eye relief. Superior situational awareness is achieved due to the ultra wide viewing angle and unmatched viewing in low-light conditions. The sight is fitted with an illuminated reticle that attracts the eye to the aim point of the sight.

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