Are you looking for a premium safe that will store your valuable personal items out of sight, while maintaining easy access? Then you need the SnapSafe Padlock Trunk Safe, designed for automotive protected storage in the trunk of your car, SUV, RV or alternatively, in your home. The SnapSafe Padlock Trunk Safe provides reliable anti-theft protection for firearms, tools, equipment, important documents, cash, electronics such as laptops and tablets, as well as other valuables. With our efficient space-saving design, you no longer need to decide the few items to lock away as your options are no longer unnecessarily limited. You can store multiple items away due to the generous measurements providing large capacity storage. The exterior measurements are 36"L x 9"D x 20"W. Weighing 75lbs, the safe is heavy-duty and the non-slip feet provide a sturdy safe that will discretely protect your personal items. The SnapSafe Padlock Trunk Safe comes with a 3 foot, 1,500lb security cable for additional security when tethered to a stationary object. The case is lockable with your choice of padlock, however, a heavy-duty padlock is included with your purchase for your convenience. SnapSafe, a Hornady company, delivers SECURITY EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT IT. With a comprehensive line of vaults, portable safes, gun storage accessories, SnapSafe products are meant to keep you, your family, and your valuables protected.

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