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When you need secure storage that doesn't stand out like a sore thumb, try the Snap Safe Discreet Under Bed Safe. SnapSafe by Hornady designed these Gun Safes to fit in more out-of-the-way spots, but still able to be secured by bolting them down or by using the included cable. The Snap Safe Under Bed Safe XXL will even fit in some full-sized vans and always allows you to keep the contents securely locked from children or unauthorized people with a programmable digital lock and a backup key. Store firearms, documents, valuables, collections and more securely and accessibly with the Snap Safe Modular Under Bed Safe XXL.

Specifications for Snap Safe by Hornady Aux Under Bed Safe:
Fire Resistant: No
Lock Type: Digital
Finish: Powder coated finish
Color: Black
Height: 7 in
Width: 48 in
Depth/Thickness: 24 in
Interior: Lined interior
Additional Features: Robust 3-foot cable provides added security when anchored to a stationery object.
Fabric/Material: 14 Gauge Steel
Weight: 148 lb
Gun Capacity: 2 long guns + handguns
California DOJ Compliant: Yes
Features of Snap Safe by Hornady Aux Discreet Under Bed Safe XXL 75400:
Large slide-out drawer accommodates firearms, documents, outdoor gear, hobby equipment, collections, valuables, and more out of sight, yet easy to access.
Discreet storage under bed, in a closet, or other secure, yet less obvious spots.
Digital lock can be programmed with 3- to 8-digit access code.
Key backup.
Pry-resistant door keeps children and unauthorized users from gaining access.
Constructed of 14-gauge heavy-duty steel, with pre-drilled bolt holes on the bottom of the frame for permanent installation.
Robust 3-foot, 1500 lb rated cable provides added security when anchored to a stationary object.
Many full-size SUVs will accommodate the Under Bed Safe.
Ideal choice for when you may need to relocate for a job or other life changes.
Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Package Contents:
Snap Safe by Hornady Aux Modular Under Bed Safe XXL 75400

Code: 2BC-GF-GSAS-75400
MPN: 75400
UPC: 851529004433

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Not a deal. Freight came to $185 for me. Amazon has it for the same price with free shipping. No gift card but I'll sell one for $185 if anyone thinks it worth the trade. I'm in NC, so both charge tax. Would be a great buy if not for the ridiculous shipping.

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Use coupon code 14GYGSF12 to
Get it to the price. Must add item and card as a bundle to cart before hand. Note: that Shipping doesn’t seem to be included as it will say TBD Freight. Also, something I never noticed before is that their is tax included in the sale. Which is a stark contrast to some of the other deals when you add near $20 in tax and shipping to the deal. Not so much of a deal.

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0 votes

Shipping doesn’t seem to be included on this. It makes it a terrible deal in comparison to others.

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This would be a good option for people with SUVs that have the room to accommodate this. Already own a long gun fastbox, I like securing my arms when on the road, when shooting with friends, we typically go out to lunch or dinner afterwards, and smash and grab auto break ins happen more than you'd think.

...SUV's not having a proper locking trunk and all.

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Just added to cart - NO discounted change on price.

0 votes
0 votes

Probably need a coupon code.

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0 votes
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