SKU: 5165491493
UPC: 787450122345
MFR#: HG2424-V

- Model: 10-7 Square Butt
- Caliber: .38 Special
- Action: SA/DA
- Capacity: 6 Rounds
- Sights: Front Blade, Integral Fixed Rear
- Barrel Length: 4"
- Overall Length: 8.9"
*Rated By Importer as "Very Good Condition"
These Smith & Wesson Model 10 Pistols are some of the most famous and collectible guns ever produced by Smith & Wesson. Originally Introduced in 1957, the Model 10 and subsequent variants have gained fame in history and Hollywood as the choice sidearm for military and police agencies across the world. These Law Enforcement Trade-ins may have completed their service, but still have plenty of life remaining as a personal defense, range, or collectible firearm.
*As with all surplus pistols, conditions of wear may vary, these pistols have been pre-graded by the importer as "Very Good" Condition.
Additional Specs:
- Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
- Frame Material: Carbon Steel
- Cylinder Material: Carbon Steel
- Finish: Blued
- Grips: Brown Wood
Whether its Fur & Feathers, Self-Defense or the Range, Palmetto State Armory has the Firearms, Accessories, and Ammunition you need at unbelievable prices!

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For the life of me I cannot see these as "law enforcement" trade ins? When were they traded in, 1980's? Who or what department would allow these to be carried as a duty weapon in the last couple decades or so? We're they boxed up and put into storage 20-30 years ago? I work in the L.E. Field and cannot imagine these as a duty weapon in today's day and age. Just looking to lose your life as you would be severely out gunned in most cases. Good price though for a home defense or truck gun. It could also be these are law enforcement trade ins from another country?

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Read the reviews. Not pretty.

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The 10-7 was made only part of 1977 so probably long term storage. Also remember security agencies and overseas departments had revolvers too much later.

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