Chambered in .38 S&W Special +P, the M&P BODYGUARD BG38 continues Smith & Wesson’s broad line of reliable, small-frame self-defense revolvers. The M&P BODYGUARD BG38 delivers the optimal combination of accuracy and simplicity for personal protection needs. With its lightweight design, the M&P BODYGUARD BG38 allows for discreet carry and its hammerless design provides a snag-free presentation. The five-shot revolver features a short 1.9-inch barrel, which contributes to a compact overall length of 6.6 inches and an empty weight of 14.4 ounces. Lightweight and simple to use – nothing protects like a BODYGUARD

Action Type: Striker Fired
Barrel Length: 1.9"
Capacity: 5-Round
Cartridge: 38 Special
Finish: Matte Black
Front Sight: Fixed
Length: 6.6"
Magazine Included: Cylinder
Magazine Type: Fixed
Muzzle: Plain
Rear Sight: Fixed
Stock Material: Polymer
Weight: 0.9 lbs

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Just received mine today. I have little girl hands and the grip is a little less to be desired. Went and picked up a hogue grip for 20$ to slap on it and should be set.

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298$ after the code kicks in.

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S&W introducing this crummy revolver w/out the laser..............yay

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1 vote

The fu cj you need a laser for

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Blind the attacker rather than shooting him. It might reduce the prison sentence.

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All because now adays. The fucked up court system sees the bad person as the victim an the good person as an attacker.

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