The M&P15-22 SPORT features a 10-inch M&P slim handguard that incorporates the popular Magpul M-LOK™ system. The M-LOK system allows rifle owners to easily customize their M&P15-22 SPORT by adding accessories without removing the handguard. M&P15-22 SPORT owners have the option of easily mounting numerous M-LOK-compatible accessories or any number of Picatinny-style rail sections designed to accommodate other accessories. Smith & Wesson includes a 2-inch M-LOK rail panel with each rifle.The M&P15-22 SPORT comes standard with one of the most popular folding sights systems available for MSRs. The removable Magpul MBUS® front and rear folding sights are lightweight and durable, further enhancing the performance and value of the new M&P15-22 SPORT
SKU: 51612

SKU: 51612
UPC: 022188868203
MFR#: 10208
Caliber: .22lr
Capacity: 25
Safety: Manual Safety on Lower
Barrel Length: 16.5"
Front Sight: Magpul MBUS
Rear Sight: Magpul MBUS
Action: Semi-Auto Blow Back
Stock: 6-Position CAR
Grip: Polymer
Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
Frame Material: Polymer
Barrel Twist: 1/15

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H&K 416 .22lr can be had for around the same price.

1 vote
0 votes

Love this rifle ! I ordered extra mags and using a McFaden speed loader. Gre

0 votes
0 votes

Absolutely amazing gun and great service as usual.

0 votes
0 votes

Love psa , bought a lot from them in the past . But they started charging tax for my state at 8%. ( F@#$ )this (sh#$ ) !! very disappointed.

0 votes
0 votes

That's due to a Supreme Court ruling from last year. Not Palmetto's fault. Thank your government for that.

1 vote
0 votes

Yeah I heard about that .It seems to be haphazard in it's application. Gun mag warehouse is at 10% , which is higher than the county I live in .

0 votes
0 votes

This might be the last thing I ever order from PSA. I placed the order on Dec. 31st, 2018 and on Jan. 1st, 2019 my FFL tried to send a copy of their license via their online form. It didn't work for him. On Jan. 2nd I went to help him with it and tried resubmitting it in 2 different formats, still didn't work. On Jan. 4th I waited for approximately 1 hour to talk to a real person and then they asked me, "Did you at least try to e-mail it to our customer service address?" They gave me the "" and I informed the rude lady that address was not listed anywhere on their website. But I informed my FFL and he sent the copy.

I had also e-mailed them about this issue while waiting on the phone to talk to the rude employee. This morning I received a response stating the following:

"The copy we have on file for your selected dealer’s FFL has expired. Please ask them to email a signed, updated copy of their FFL to our Compliance Department via email or fax to 803-788-7979.
It is very important that they reference your order number when sending their FFL so it can be cross-referenced to your order and shipped out expediently.
If you would like to select a different FFL that we may already have on file, please contact us for further assistance.
Your order is on hold and will be cancelled 30 days after the order was placed should we receive no communication from you.
We appreciate you and thank you for your business!"

They obviously didn't read the e-mail in which I stated that using their "e-mail" (not the customer.service address, but the drop-down setup on their website) was not working to send the FFL copy. I also knew my FFL had to send another copy because the last time they sent it was before 2013 and I knew it was expired, so PSA didn't do anything to answer my question or assist with my issue. They also highlighted the fact that they will cancel my order after 30 days. Well they can be assured that if they don't have their shit worked out by Jan. 11th and have the FFL on file and the order shipped, I'll call and cancel my own order.

This type of business guarantees that they won't have to worry about returning customers. Buy the same gun for $10 more with a red dot and case here:

1 vote
0 votes

Pretty similar experience with the customer service. Took almost 8 days to process my order only to tell me that 10 round rifle magazines are illegal in Hawaii(only pistols are limited to 10). I called and was told i can have the rifle shipped without a mag. Said forget it and cancelled.

1 vote
0 votes

I bought this when they had the rifle, case and red dot deal for $299. It is a fun little gun. Accurate and feeds any ammo I've put in it from the super dirty really cheap bulk to the higher end. Def get it if your on the fence. Get 2 extra mags as well. MAGA

1 vote
0 votes

I am hoping that deal comes back. I am not sure it will. It looks like a promo thing so I don't know if it will come back in stock at the places that had it for $299. Debating on if I should wait or just jump in now...

0 votes
0 votes

Wait! It will be worth it. I hopped on the last bundle promo they had as soon I saw the email come in. Decided it wasn't going to pass me again. The carry case is solid, the red/green dot is awesome and the gun itself is a fun piece and that added mlok rail attachment. It will be worth the wait, trust me!

0 votes
0 votes

This is my favorite 22LR. The sport model is the gen 2, newest version with the slim hand guard and the threaded barrel. $350 is the lowest I've ever seen these. That is what I paid with free shipping. More fun and just as accurate as my 10/22.....never thought I'd say that. Well over 1k rounds not one single jam, even with a 50 round drum and plinker tactical 35 round mags. Get it, you won't regret it.

2 votes
0 votes

Once again, there is a nicer version of this rifle. Lately it has been under $400 repetitively. Wise Arms has it listed again in the brand new color "Stealth Gray". It is the MOE variant and has Mlock slim rails, magpul stock, pistol grip, flip sights and rail covers. It would honestly be a mistake to buy this one knowing what I just told you.
As far as the quality and fun factor, it is the bomb

0 votes
0 votes
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