The 8-point 3-9x50 riflescope from Simmons features a large 50mm objective, a 1.0" tube, and a Truplex reticle. This entry-level optic is fitted high-quality coated lenses, 1/4 MOA adjustments, and it's water, fog, and shockproof. A mounting base and rings are used to attach a riflescope to a firearm. A comfortable sight picture is contingent upon the height of the rings. A comfortable cheek-weld is the result of properly positioning the scope over the receiver. Mounting the scope close to the receiver is preferable, yet scopes with larger objectives need higher rings so the front bell can clear the barrel. It should be noted that in many mounting applications, a professional gunsmith's skills will be needed for proper installation. Features: - high quality fully-coated lenses - fogproof, shockproof, waterproof - truezero flex erector system for repeatable accuracy - tactile rubberized suregrip surfaces Simplify adjustments - quick target acquisition (qta) eyepiece for rapid target acquisition and accurate shot placement - Truplex reticle with four posts and fine cross hairs for accurate shot placement specifications: - magnification: 3-9x - objective lens diameter: 50mm - reticle: Truplex - Main-Tube diameter: 1" - linear field of view 3x: 32' 100 Yd and 9x: 11.5' 100 Yd - exit Pupil diameter 3x: 16.7mm and 9x: 5.6mm - eye relief 3x: 3.0" and 9x: 3.0" - impact point Correction: 1/4 MOA - weatherproofing: water & fogproof - dimensions length: 13.2 - weight: 15 oz.
ASIN#: B002JF7A34
Model number#: 560520

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Just paid $13.25 after Prime Rewards points. Like a sore dick,you can't beat it.

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Wrong... When you hit the link takes you to Amazon for 2499

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Good deal works fine.

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0 votes

Price is 2499 is there a coupon code that you have to use?

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I ordered one for my .22 plinkster. For $20 you get a great scope. Took it out and was impressed with it's performance for the price.

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I just received mine and it looked great for a $20 scope.

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0 votes

For $20 you get a scope that is comparable to any high end scope used by the best long range shooters...........................That was funny

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All year long I buy stuff like this and save it to give as gifts to my friends , relatives , and children. This scope is perfect for stuff like Dirty Santa and Forgotten Birthdays. It's cheap, and Wally world would charge you 50-60 for the same scope.

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Great points!!

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Just received my scope from amazon and haven't been to the range yet but out of the box the glass, eye relief and adjustments all seem good.

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you're basically losing money by not buying this! Great little scope for a backup or for the wife's/GF's plinking gun.

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I signed in just to comment on this scope! I know not many want to admit they like simmons scopes and they certainly are not my favorite but after over a decade of working at one of the largest ranges in the north east, I have never seen a leupold or a simmons fail! that doesn't mean they don't but I cant say the same thing for BSA, bushnell, Nikon, tacso, burris and too many others to list, so as far as the elcheapo… excuse me "budget" scopes go you cant beat them!
I personally use this very model, magnification and objective size as a temporary, on new rifles, while saving my pennies for the scope I actually want but I will admit that several have found permanent homes on rifles that simply don't need more...

like me, i'm sure you've wasted $20 on worst things so get one, even if its just to have a spare laying around

3 votes
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I'm like you got no problems with these scopes had a similar model on an old savage in308 takes a beating in the woods been on that rifle for 4 yrs sight it in first of season and let it ride it's good to go

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