SIG SAUER® introduces the SBX Pistol Stabilizing Brace, an update to the SB15 Pistol Stabilizing brace, a shooter’s aid that is designed to improve the single-handed shooting performance of buffer tube equipped pistols. The SBX features a more slim design with a thicker strap for extra stability.

This veteran-designed and U.S.-manufactured accessory enhances accuracy and reduces felt recoil when using an AR-style pistol.

Made from high-quality, elasto-polymer, the SB15 is manufactured to close tolerances and fits all pistols equipped with an AR-style buffer tube 1.0” – 1.2” in diameter. The Pistol Stabilizing Brace uses the operator’s forearm to provide stable support, thereby minimizing accuracy-robbing spin and shift. A flexible cuff with two adjustable nylon straps allows the SB15 to be custom fit to any user.

- Fits all pistols equipped with an AR-style buffer tube 1.0" - 1.2" in diameter.
- ATF compliant*
- Veteran designed
- Made in USA
- Quick and easy to install

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1 vote

haha vote my comment down, then spam this post with a link to your store. classy.

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$129 is not a deal for these. Saw them for $123.xx or less.

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think I like the old brace better!

2 votes
1 vote

I wonder why they changed it? Because the first one had a triangular shape - too much like a stock?

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