SigArms P229 Used Law Enforcement Trade In, 357 SIG caliber, night sights, very good overall condition. 3.9" bbl. Comes in a hard case with 1-12 round magazine.

Original SIG nitron finish. With Siglite Noght Sights. See video for full details.


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How is Classic Firearms still getting away with claiming these beat up Police Trade-Ins are Sig CPO's? They've been called out openly for a month and they have shown no shame and they've yet to correct the false claim. And how is this reported miscarriage still on Buy enough ad space and you are above being reprimanded?

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i must agree

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These are not Sig certified if they were, they would come in a red box with the red tag around the gun(and it would look darn near brand new). Very misleading description.

They need to stop using SA/DA model pics. Super misleading and super disappointing when I read the description.

NOT CPO models!

Video shows DAK models in decent shape, but with blatant false advertising from the start... buyer beware.

Yes, very misleading ad...if these were CPO they'd come in a red box and would have been back to the Sig factory for refurb. These are likely in the exact condition turned in by police agencies. Also 357SIG ammo is hard to find and expensive. Actually not a bad price for a decent condition P22X (these things are built like a tank and will outlast you and your kids) but be aware of what you're getting.

This is the DA-only model. Excellent deal if that happens to be your operating system of choice (or of your employer’s choice). Holsters, magazines, and modifications for classic Sigs are plentiful. Sig CPO is (in my limited experience) pretty good. Intriguing cartridge with its high pressure.

Misleading ad. Plus it’s no CPO gun. Just a police trade in. Bad ju ju

Oh. If that’s the case and there are multiple discrepancies, I move to
to remove the user and the seller.

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