The SIG Sauer P365 is the designed from the ground up to be a micro compact concealed carry handgun with a magazine capacity similar to some sub-compact guns. With the flush fit magazine, this striker fired pistol has a capacity of 10+1 and comes with an additional magazine that features an extended grip for larger hands. All in a polymer pistol so small that practically disappears while you are carrying it until the moment you need it. Unlike most handguns that are designed and then have magazines built to work with them, the SIG Sauer P365 was built around the proprietary magazine. This unorthodox design process allowed SIG to create an innovative, reliable, double stack magazine in order to achieve their goal of 10 rounds in a micro compact pistol. Although, the polymer frame and stainless-steel slide were not just an afterthought. It was purpose built to be carried comfortably every day. The slide has been completely streamlined, getting rid of all sharp edges and features a beveled front to facilitate safe holstering. The aptly named P365 is so nice to carry, you will want to carry it all year long.
- Chambered in 9mm +P rated
- 10+1 capacity in a micro compact frame
- Striker fired trigger
- Stainless steel Nitron coated slide and internal frame
- Textured polymer grip frame
- SIG proprietary accessory rail
- SIG XRAY3 day/night sights
- Includes a flush fit 10 round mag
- Includes extended grip 10 round mag
- Barrel Length: 3.1 in.
- Overall Length: 5.8 in.
- Width: 1 in.
- Weight: 17.8 oz.
The SIG P365 comes right from the factory with XRAY3 day and night sights already installed, so you don’t have to immediately spend more money for better sights like other pistols. Right out of the box, this handgun is ready to carry. The Night sights feature a traditional three dot set up with two white rear dots and a large green tritium front sight. The polymer frame features a texture that is comfortable to hold while still giving plenty of grip and is slightly undercut on the trigger guard, so you can get a high grip for better control. It also utilizes the SIG proprietary accessory rail for attaching a light or laser depending on your preference for a carry gun.
The Nitron finished slide and internal frame provide an extra layer of wear and corrosion resistance and the 3.1” barrel is rated for +P ammunition. The striker fired trigger features a crisp break with a positive reset, allowing you to be extremely accurate. Included in the box is two 10 round magazines, all you need is a holster and you are ready to carry.
SIG Sauer is a world-renowned firearms manufacturer with a rich history of innovation and design leadership. No other firearms manufacturer is so highly regarded and so universally respected for the quality, reliability, and safety of its products. Since 1864 they have expanded their product line to include suppressors, optics, ammo, and airguns to provide customers with a greater range of firearms and equipment.
Barrel Length: 3.1
Brand: Sig Sauer
Caliber Gauge: 9mm Luger
Frame Size: Sub Compact
Weight: 17.8 oz.
NOTE: Limit 1 per household. Quantities exceeding 1 will not allow checkout.
MPN#: SG365-9-BXR3

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Limp wrist — Lol lol LibT !

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Internet Drool, Who cares, what ya want a medal or chest to pin it on lol 8-))

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I’ve been carrying a p365 for 2 years now. I have had many carry guns over the years (Springfield xd, Ruger lc9, lc9s, Bodyguard, Sheila 9mm and .45mm, Glock 19) among others. I liked most of the guns but was always looking for my next carry gun.

Until the p365. For me it has lived up to the hype (which you can find in numerous on line reviews by others) and I have stopped looking for my next carry gun. The p365 is it for me.

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Brought one when first came out. Had issues sold brought another and it had issues sold that and might try the XL but I won't buy the base version. I'll suffer the extra weight and size for a gun with no problems.

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What kind of issues? No point in bashing it if you can’t be specific... Limp wrist maybe?

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I carry the 365 for work. Fantastic gun. My girlfriend has the 43 with a Johnny Glock custom trigger and she wants the 365 after shooting mine. Look for the one with the Tac Pack. It comes with 3 12 round mags and a nice holster. The 12 round mags are hard to find at a good price.

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P365 or G43.

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Glock 43
Length 6.26in
Width 1.06in
Height 4.25in
Barrel 3.41in
Capacity 6
Empty weight w/mag 17.99oz

Length 5.8in
Width 1.06in
Height 4.3in(10rd flush) 4.5in(10rd ext) 4.7in(12rd ext) 5.5in(15rd ext)
Barrel 3.1in
Capacity 10 (optional 12/15)
Empty weight w/mag 17.8 oz

I have the P365. Love the fact it comes with night sights, higher capacity and the trigger is much better than the glocks. I EDC with the 12rd because it's really not that much longer than the 10rd. I shoot my MP9 shield 2.0 much better than the p365 though.

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