LIMITED QUANTITY!! Police trade-in Sig Sauer P226R two tone .40 S&W in good condition, may have light scratches and handling marks - Comes with THREE 12rd magazines and factory night sights!!!!! The night sights do not glow like new and may need to be replaced. Must be 21 to purchase. Take advantage of our 12-month in-house financing! 20% down and your gun ships! No credit checks! No sales to California, New York or DC. $15 shipping!

Sku 798681306824
Brand Sig sauer
Caliber 40 smith wesson sw

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I just received my P226 from Kings... I could not be happier!!! I would personally rate this gun very good. One small area of holster wear on top of the slide otherwise this thing is gorgeous! I was extremely hesitant to purchase this, but now I'm so glad that I did. I'm sure it's luck of the draw, but I came out a winner on this deal.

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I would avoid this dealer. I bought a police trade in revolver from them listed in good condition. The cosmetics were good enough, but the pistol didn’t function because the extractor rod was bent so badly it would eject spent cases. I’ve had much better luck buying used from Sportsman Outdoor Superstore and Classic Firearms, both which have similar stock and prices.

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