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The SIG P226® is one of the most prevalent SIG SAUER® platforms in service use today. Now these masterful firearms are receiving a series of enhancements based on the needs and wants of professionals. The most highly regarded firearms in the professional community are receiving a serious upgrade. For those who demand the best, now we have something even better.

Firearm Specifications

Manufacturer: Sig Sauer
Model: P226 Legion
Caliber: 40 S&W
Action Type: DA/SA
Trigger Pull DA: 10 lbs.
Trigger Pull SA: 4.4 lbs.
Frame/Slide: Alloy/Stainless Steel
Barrel Length: 4.4 in.
Overall Length: 7.7 in.
Overall Height: 5.5 in.
Width: 1.5 in.
Grips: Custom G-10
Sights: X-RAY Day/Night Sights
Accessory Rail: Picatinny
Capacity: 12 Rounds
Bud's Item Number: 474

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