Sharps XPB Bolt Carrier Group DLC Coated - $152.99 shipped w/ code: FD15

Father's Day Savings! Use code: FD15 (15% Off Sitewide) *Also available in Flat Dark Earth: *Check out our other Featured Deals! - The Sharps XPB (Xtreme Performance) Bolt Carrier Group Complete is precisely machined from S7 tool steel. The XPB undergoes a 24-hour thermal cycle proprietary heat treatment and is finished with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Coating. The XPB Bolt Carrier Group displays the SRC logo machine cut and visible when the ejection port door is open. The XPB fits standard AR-15/M16/M4 rifles chambered in .223/5.56mm, 25-45 Sharps and 300 Blackout calibers.

Technical Data
Bolt: S7 Tool steel, shot peened and DLC coated
Bolt Carrier: S7 Tool steel, shot peened and DLC coated
Gas Key: 4130 Steel, attached with Grade 8 hardware, properly staked and DLC Coated
Cam Pin: 4340 Steel, Manganese Phosphate coated
Firing Pin: Mil Spec firing pin made of 8740 steel, center‐less ground and Hard Chrome coated
Extractor:  4340 Steel, Manganese Phosphate coated
Ejector: S7, shot peened and Manganese Phosphate coated
Extractor Pin: S7, shot peened and Manganese Phosphate coated
Mil-Spec Extractor and Ejector Springs, Firing Pin Retaining Pin, Gas Rings
Batch MPI and HPT tested
Tensile strengths of 1550-1600 mpa, or 220,000-235,000 psi.
Toughness of over 200 ft./lb. Charpy C-Notch
HRC of 46 yields a 15% increase in hardness at the same toughness comparing to Carpenter 158 & 9310
Technical Data on DLC Coating
Coating thickness: 2 - 4 μm (Micro Meter) or 2-4 μ (Microns)
Hardness HV 0.05: 2000 – 2800 or 80+ HRC
Deposition method: PVD UBM/PACVD
Friction vs. steel, dry: 0.1
Color: Carbon Black

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just received and plastic

just received and plastic vac-seal was opened and the head bolt was able to fall through the hole. bolt when hand cycled in/out of the carrier bears a “zip” sound (much like a mass production economcy bolt action rifle, ala Ruger America).

There are also dicoloration and finish issues inside the carrier resembling “over-spray” of flat black paint (yes, I’m aware it’s not paint). Cam pin had multiple scratches through the finish to the bare metal.

From the packing it appears removal of entire bcg would have been impossible, but this some how seems to have seen use prior to being sealed. Lastly, tried with three CHs in 2 separate rifles and one other bcg (faxon ltwt). The Sharps would not return to battery without assistance (even though the angled lugs are supposed to improved this). Faxon was impossible to keep from going in to battery and wwe even tested it with a brand new bcm 3x3 CH. Neither rifle has siginificant carbon build up and were cleaned recently.

Willing to give Sharp’s another try—-maybe. But shit, for (at most $50) more the faxon shaves 3oz and we’ve ran 2 of them now with over 4k each (BCM14.5 /POF 16”) with no hiccups—as in none. Even Suppressed in the 14.5 w/standard buffer.

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Hi Ty1998, please email us

Hi Ty1998, please email us at: if you haven't already and we'll get you either a replacement or refund. These aren't problems we've seen before on these so I want to make sure we can get this one back to Sharps for inspection to see what the problem is. Thanks for the order, we appreciate your business.

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BBQ_BRUHAHA's picture

Actually you have just

Actually you have just educated me. I like the challenge of tuning a gun to fire lower quality ammo. I like the thought of more training and practice. Guess my high horse isn't very sturdy : ) This doesn't mean ill be buying lower quality meats for my bbq cooks.

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Hi WolfHunter, we can be

Hi WolfHunter, we can be reached through email at or on our Facebook page, we try to be quick with responses on both. I’m sorry if that didn’t happen in your case, feel free to drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do to make it up to you. Thanks for the order.

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Not a bad price on this BCG

Not a bad price on this BCG but if you any problems with your order good luck getting and response from this company No phone number to call and I don't think there email works either! Don't buy from them find it at a different site.

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Dealer responded via Facebook

Dealer responded via Facebook within minutes at 2am, 3am their time! Almost ordered from Sharps direct as someone else mentioned they were the same price but Sharps has the blems at $139.99. Dealer stated they are in stock, ready to ship and non-blem. In for one!

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Imyourbbqguy - I can’t speak

Imyourbbqguy -

I can’t speak for others, but as for why I run cheap ammo through nice builds:

1. It has little to no effect on my training. If anything, it actually helps it. The ever so slightly reduced accuracy might actually press me to be more careful with my shots, and the potential failures (I’ve had less than 1 in 1000 with the cheapest Russian stuff, and they were all due to fouled chambers from 1000+ rounds with no cleaning) just throw a wrench in my training and give me surpise malfunction clearing practice.

2. Cheaper ammo means more practice. I pay 20 cents a round shipped for .223, and the very cheapest “quality” .223 or 5.56 is about 30 cents. This means that I’ll end up with at least 50% more training with the same amount of money. This is a huge one.

3. I want my combat weapons to run on everything, in the harshest conditions, especially the cheapest ammo. As the cheapest ammunitions are generally the most problematic, they are more likely to uncover potential problems or weaknesses of your firearm. If the firearm does not run with the shittiest ammo, it is not an acceptable combat weapon for me.

I am on the other side of the coin, I don’t understand why people pay so much for ammo. Of course, if all you do is go to indoor ranges or bench shoot, or if you are long range Shooting, or potentially if you reload, then sometimes it might make sense to pay more, but if you are training with a pistol and short to medium range rifle, I do not see any advantage to shooting “quality” ammo.

I would sincerely love to be educated by someone who disagrees.

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You have obviously never had

You have obviously never had a bad steel case jam that puts your gun down. Goodluck with your “combat” rifle when that steel case locks the gun down. There IS a reason military uses brassdown

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BadOdds- DLC is superior to


DLC is superior to TiN, especially when it is applied over nitrided parts.

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Much appreciated. Now to save

Much appreciated. Now to save up for the low mass Sharps with DLC.

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DLC versus the TiN treatment,

DLC versus the TiN treatment, what’s going to be the longer lasting? I’ve read both are superior to NiB, so now I’m just trying to find the best of the remaining options.

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BBQ_BRUHAHA's picture

Never understood why people

Never understood why people test top notch builds or equipment with cheap ammo.

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I bought a DLC bolt carrier

I bought a DLC bolt carrier group that has been treated with DLC on every part but the firing pin and the firing pin retaining pin. Well that's not including the gas rings of course.
It's very smooth and slick feeling to bare hands. I've dropped it in a rifle, but not yet been able to get out and shoot with it. I'm wondering how it will compare to the parkerized ones, and a nitride version. I don't yet own a nickle boron bolt carrier group, but will soon and hope to learn which one is the best to finish off my remaining rifle builds.

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Took it out, ran

Took it out, ran approximately 250 rounds through it, running simple and complex drills, perfect function, except for a stuck unfired round after a complex drill on a hot chamber, but that's this shitty Tula, not the bcg.

I don't advise using Tula .223 for defense, but I've never had a stuck case with wolf, although I know it can still happen. The cause is not laquer or polymer, but rather an ever tightening chamber as steel doesn't expand quite as readily as brass, so the gas leaks into the chamber and deposits carbon. I discovered this through much research and my own tests.

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Oh, and, it's fairly sexy.

Oh, and, it's fairly sexy. Kind of a charcoal color, like a mix of nitride and nickel teflon (not boron, and teflon is better). No tooling marks, and good angles.

And a lifetime warranty, which is not very common.

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From my research and mediocre

From my research and mediocre understanding of mechanics and metallurgy, this seems to be the very best BCG. The original iteration, the relia-bolt, was $250. This has been improved quite a bit since then, (and heat treat problems solved) and at $145, an insane value. Also, to those who are wondering and don't want to research, DLC is the ultimate coating, the new nitride. It's so hard, it cannot be measured on the Rockwell scale, because it's harder than the toolhead. Nitride is awesome, and practically every gun part should be nitrided (I predicted we would see more and more of it, because it's a low cost treatment that is better than almost any other treatment/coating.

DLC has many similar traits to nitride, but is essentially better in all categories, except for cost, of course.

Anyway, finally a big step in innovation on such an integral part of the lovely ar. Increased strength (S7 tool steel, one of the best possible for this application), reliability (balanced to prevent carrier tilt, improved rails, rear rails, hugely improved lugs), and durability (DLC coating, hard as diamond, and tough).

I bought two, trying not to buy any more.

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Not that great of a price,

Not that great of a price, they're the same price from the manufacturers website.

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Really great price, shipping

Really great price, shipping and service. Showed up in 4 days including the weekend. $159 out the door.
Side note- I had a question about the DLC. I called Sharps and what gracious and professional service. They answered my questions and kept emphasizing that if I was not happy they stand by their product and will do whatever it takes.
I am thoroughly impressed with the Sunny State / Sharps combo of companies. It is a real winner in my book. Happy Fourth of July! I'll be shooting the new BCG on Thursday. Stay FREE America!

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