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The Fast Box™ Model 47 Vertical Bundle provides storage for firearms up to 46-½” in self-defense applications. Pre-drilled holes allow mounting under beds or other key locations, or for bolting multiple Fast Boxes™ together.

This bundle includes:

Fast Box™ Model 47
A Medium Bin with Divider
Vertical Kit (Storage for 2 Long Guns)
Fast Access
FAST BOX offers fast access in tight quarters while securing your firearms
Decentralize Your Firearms
FAST BOX allows you to keep firearms throughout your home in strategic locations
Under-Bed Fast Access
FAST BOX 47 is designed to go under your bed
Expand Capacity with the Vertical Kit
With the FAST BOX Vertical Kit, you can store up to 2 firearms vertically using the SecureIt CradeGrid™ system
Provides secure storage with fast access
Designed to be easily hidden
Bolt together for stacked or locker style storage
Efficient design offers ample room for additional handgun and ammo storage
13" depth allows storage with scope and magazine attached to the rifle
Neoprene pad cushions weapon
Key Override
Heavy-duty all-welded steel FAST BOX
Louvered back panel grid
Medium Bin with Divider
Vertical Kit
2 Upper Saddles
1 Stock Base (Supports 2 Rifles)
*Battery NOT Included
Height: 6.5" | Width: 47" | Depth: 13"

Weight: 47 lbs.

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I had one very briefly, up until I found a simple (and old) trick of using a Bic ballpoint pen body to open the bypass lock. Under a minute to open this box with no trace. Beyond bad security. Maybe they fixed it as it was a couple of years ago, but I doubt it.

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