SecureIt Falcon FAST BOX for secure firearm storage with fast, silent access when seconds count. SAVE BIG!Your family's safety is everything. That's why you want a FAST BOX to keep your firearms safely locked away, yet easily accessible to you if worst-case scenario should happen. Each FAST BOX is built to exacting military standards, in fact, they meet all military standards for small arms storage. And your home-defense firearm is no good to you if you can't get it to it in time, which is why this FAST BOX is easy for you to get into with a nearly silent fast-access push-button lock. The Falcon has virtually endless mounting options. You can mount it under your bed to keep your firearm safe and protected from thieves and curious children, but still ready to go when you need it to be. Lock it up: Mount horizontally under a bed to store one firearm up to 46.5". Mount vertically in a cabinet or closet to store 2 firearms with scope attached up 46.5" in height. Hardware included to mount under bed. Bolt multiple Falcons together for locker-style storage Tiered access design lets you grant access to some small-caliber firearms (maybe your older son or daughter's .22), while keeping the larger-caliber guns locked away Electronic push-button lock with key override 14-gauge all welded steel construction with textured powder-coat finish Full-length piano-hinge door 3-point locking system Meets all military standards for small arms storage Measures 47 x 13 x 6 1/2"h., 50 lbs. Peace of mind starts here.
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I picked up one of these a year+ back (maybe longer than that). I use it in the vertical orientation to hold a Mossberg 590 and an AR for quick access. Easy to bolt the heavy custom cabinetry where it was located.

It is a bit more robust than the 2 gun locking cabinet that it replaces, but it could still be defeated by an 8 year old with a halfsies prying bar.

Keypad actually works on this unit, as opposed to some other units I've had over the years.

In the vertical orientation I like the adjustable racks (individually adjustable for each long gun), the ability to use a few small parts bins on the rear flanges (magazines, extra Surefire light, etc.) and the stock 'base' that angles the long guns 'back'.

As to price, SPG used to carry this at a lower price (or maybe it was an 'intro' price or sale). I picked mine up for $169.9x.

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Not sure I agree with saying an 8 year old with a halfsies prying bar could defeat it.

The main throw is long enough to hold the middle ridged and the two throws on both ends are pretty robust. I seriously doubt an eight year old could defeat this.

It certainly isn't a 500lb safe with eight throws, but it's a 50lb safe that can easily stop a smash and grab burglar, this is why so many police agencies use this safe.

If a child could defeat it, I surely wouldn't have bought one.

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Can't get it to work:
This is exactly what I'm looking for, but I can't get the price down to $199.00. The closest I can get is with the SK1803, which brings it down to $218.98, but you can only use one coupon code at a time, so they charge $19.00 for shipping then. If I use the free shipping code, it makes it the regular member's price of $224.99, which is good, but nothing to write home about. Am I missing something?

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$218.98 shipped is a very good price on this item. It's an excellent product. If you buy one, post to this threat and I'll post a couple pictures of how I bolted mine to the frame with the quick release system. My next door neighbor's son had an emergency and needed to borrow my vehicle last week, took about 15 seconds to release it from my vehicle.

I removed the safe as he needed to get four people and their luggage into my Murano, so they needed every inch of my cargo space, so the safe was pulled out.

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Secureit makes pretty decent vehicle safes. I have a Secureit Harrier, I believe they changed the name to Fast Box model 40

Bought mine from DSG Arms for $164.00, shipping was $47.34 so it was $211.34 shipped. I believe it weighed 45lbs. I forgot to use my military discount, but they offer the same to LEOs and 1st responders.

What I did was use a wire cable to tether the safe to the vehicle's frame, then using a removable barrel lock, I can unlock the barrel lock (The lock is in the safe) and I can remove the safe from the vehicle in less than a minute should I need the extra space.

I added a motion activated red led light array and I bolted numerous rubber coated N52 super magnets to the safes top, I can either put a sidearm on the inner top held by the magnet arrays, or I can affix my long gun to the roof and slide in armor under the long gun.

These boxes are great, but it would be nice if they came with a motion activated light. Then again red led motion activated lights are $10

I did a lot of research before buying this vehicle safe, I believe it to be the best bang for the buck. I like my firearms secure, doesn't cost a fortune to make it so.

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