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Classic Military Trigger Reliability Coupled With a Smooth Pull & Clean Break
Here’s an economically priced yet well-made AR-15 trigger assembly for use in custom builds and refurbishing old, "seen better days" AR-15s. These are straightforward "mil-spec" components with one critical addition: a slick, Nickel Teflon® finish on the hammer and trigger that produces an extremely smooth, reliable, single-stage pull, without the gritty, indistinct feel of a traditional military type trigger.

Our Nickel Teflon trigger assembly is designed to fit any mil-spec, semi-auto AR-15 lower receiver and includes the following components:

Semi-auto disconnector
Trigger, hammer & disconnector springs
This kit does not include the hammer and trigger pins OR a safety selector. Hammer and trigger pin holes are dimensioned to accept standard (.153") "small" pins.

This semi-auto AR-15 trigger assembly is a precision manufactured fire control group that gives you extreme reliability without sacrificing a clean, decisive hammer release. Put one in your rifle and enjoy the confidence you need to handle any scenario in training, competition, or law enforcement operations.


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