Savage 64 64FXP Semi-Auto .22 LR Sythetic Scope - $135 shipped (Free S/H on Firearms)

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Action Semi-Automatic
Caliber 22 LR
Barrel Length 20.25"
Capacity 10+1
Trigger Single Stage
Safety Thumb
Length 40 "
Weight 5.5 lbs
Stock Synthetic
Finish Blue

Part Number:40000
Buds Item Number: 22488

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 22 LR
MPN: 40000
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Johnmoses's picture

Nice rifle, wish there were

Nice rifle, wish there were more aftermarket parts for it like the Remington 597 or Ruger 10/22

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It is what it is. A nice

It is what it is. A nice rifle to practice. Nothing more really. Magazines are a weak spot. All about magazines for this rifle is a bit regrettable in a way. They hold 10rd only, they jam once the rifle gets dirty, they hard to insert, hard to remove. But... the rifle is very very accurate and I would say it feels light comparing 10/22 but it is subjective. It needs to be cleaned frequently and everything would be all right. I would say should be cleaned nicely once after every shooting. For me it works nice. I put on it a scope twice as expensive as the rifle itself and as for going to range it is my first choice. My 10/22 really sees no action :-) 10/22 probably is a better rifle and more reliable but somehow I like to use this one more.

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Johnmoses's picture

Yeah, I shoot my 60 year ol

Yeah, I shoot my 60 year ol belgium Browning A-22 the most. My Remington 597 had some issues feeding, but I pulled it apart and modified some parts, and now it shoots 25 round mags pretty well. Jams ever 50 rounds or so on the cheap ammo, and never really jams on better stuff.....can't complain. I have a nice bipod, and Mueller scope and it drops nice groups at 100 yards. Fun to shoot.

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It is a really good deal.

It is a really good deal. This rifle is very accurate and is fun to shoot. 10rd magazines available for $20+ from the Savage website. Only problem - trigger guard is plastic (the same as for Ruger 10/22) and one that is available online from diproductsinc is a crap. Otherwise it is a good auto-loader for the money. Also bolt could not be locked. So it is not possible to load one by one.

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yup these are great little

yup these are great little rifles, i have two of them and they are very accurate and reliable. Just bought the second one at walmart recently for the same exact price being asked here. Only problem with this deal is buds !

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