RUSSIAN VEPR RIFLE .308 Square Back with 16-1/2" Barrel, Integrated Sights #VSB308-16-02 - $699.99

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PLEASE NOTE: Stocks may be cracked or damaged.


The new Vepr Rifles are patterned after the original Kalashnikov design. The Molot Factory has changed the receiver from a slant back to a square back design, thus allowing for the use of standard AK buttstocks.

Each Vepr version features Molot’s incredibly accurate cold hammer forged barrels that are threaded in the standard Russian 14mm x 1 left hand pattern. Each threaded barrel is capped, pinned and spot welded according to import requirements. The 01 versions feature the standard RPK rear sights. The 02 versions feature the flip rear sights that are set at 100 meters or 300 meters and the front sight is integrated to the gas block. These features allow for faster target acquisition, reduced weight and results in the most balanced Vepr rifle ever produced to date.

Caliber: .308
Barrel Length: 16.5"
Square Back Receiver with Unfinished Wood
Integrated Sights
Includes: (1) 5rd & (1) 10rd Mag, Manual and Cleaning Kit


Part Number: VSB308-16-02

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 308/7.62x51mm
MPN: VSB308-16-02
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mostholycerebus's picture

Actually, to add to below, be

Actually, to add to below, be aware that replacing the rear wood may actually be necessary for safe function. In the original slant-cut the thumbhole stock is a solid piece. Because they cut out the slant, the 'grip' and 'stock' sections are no longer connected, and they lose some structural strength where they meet the receiver.

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The slant-back (finished)

The slant-back (finished) version of this Vepr 308 was running $599 (at Centerfire Sys) as of November last year. These were upwards of $1100ish during the Jan-Mar timeframe (I thnk the SqrBk unfinished was $899-99ish). Pricing is looking better but the unfinished furniture is questionable. If you are a Vepr owner, you know how nice looking these wooden Vepr stocks can be. I have two and they both have very nice wood parts (with very different character between them to be sure). If, however, you are just going to remove and replace the wood parts, then this pricing (and the ease of getting aftermarket stocks for the square-back) makes this more attractive.

Can't make any call on what else might have been rushed and the associated impact that would have on the FA. Both of my Veprs (308 and 7.62x39) are absolute tanks (both in durability and weight...). The 308 is a blast to shoot (literally with that short BBL and no flash suppressor, twilight shooting is a fireball).

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>>PLEASE NOTE: Stocks may be

>>PLEASE NOTE: Stocks may be cracked or damaged.

What? Really?

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mostholycerebus's picture

Yes. The rumor is that these

Yes. The rumor is that these were new production, to replace the slant cut backs so they would be easier for the US market to modify. Then O got re-elected, started the scare, and Molot rushed these out the door with just bare-wood furniture in the hope of beating a ban. Some have reported stocks that were more like half-carved hunks of raw wood. Designed to beat import regulations, so you can put your favorite tactical stock on after purchase.

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I would be concerned about

I would be concerned about any firearm that is rushed out the door. If wood is visibly cracked, what other corners were cut to get these to the market quickly?

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mostholycerebus's picture

These are the best made

These are the best made Kalishnikovs in the world. 1.5mm receiver, 3-lug bolt, thicker barrel, great finish, they are made to the specs of the RPK or other full-auto DMR/sniper type weapons. Reports are there have been no corners cut in the receiver/barrel/parts. Your concerns are valid though, definitely look it over well before signing anything.

Now regarding this particular platform, 16" is very short for .308 so it probably isnt the best choice. In addition, the AKM platform has inherent problems in its design relating to accuracy, most notably the gas block/tube making it difficult (impossible) to free-float the barrel. Its accurate enough to hit minute-of-man at the limits of the 7.62x39, and work in a DMR/sniper role on x54r, but doesnt excel in a western sniper, precision rifle role.

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