Having Russian AKM is no longer a dream.
Legion USA introduces VEPR-AKM made with best firearms building traditions and backed by Legion USA warranty.
No clones no copies only real Russian guns @ Legion USA.

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The failures with the WASR came very early in testing. Once the VEPR failed, it was smacked against a f$*#ing tree, and went right back to shooting!

Tell me again why "heavier is not better" regarding reliability?

The Romanian AES-10 has a standard AK receiver. The AES 10-B (the improved version) has an RPK heavy receiver and heavier barrel. Guess which is more reliable and accurate?

Tell me WHY full auto isn't a practical test for an AK? With that logic, it seems like 1/4 mile would be an impractical test for a Porsche, too.

Even for 99% of folks who will never fire 800 rds/min, testing the product to its extreme limits is an IMPORTANT WAY TO DETERMINE BUILD QUALITY AND ROBUSTNESS.

It's NOT "unfair" to compare the RPK receiver you get with a VEPR to the WASR, because you stated that a 1500-dollar AK couldn't do anything a WASR could. That was bullshit, as we know that even a 700-dollar AK (a VEPR) can outperform the WASR.

It can:

1) Sustain full auto rates of fire for several hundred rounds past a WASR
2) It comes with a heavier receiver/barrel
3) It comes with straight sights and superior fit/finish
4) It was built by people who have made AKs for decades to defend themselves, not merely sell to rubes
5) It can be BEATEN AGAINST A TREE AND GO RIGHT BACK TO FULL-AUTO after you already had to use your WASR as an axe/club since it failed catastrophically
6) It can be re-sold for MORE than you paid in non-panic times
7) It can be displayed with PRIDE in one's gun collection as it is a Russian-made weapon

The Bolt and carrier in a VEPR is NOT russian military spec, nor was it designed for sustained rates of fire. It is consumer-grade. Yet, it still walks all over a WASR. (Although, the bolt/carrier in this Legion build are probably true mil-spec, since they came from demills.)

I'd say my comparison was fair and true. The VEPR is the finest (current) AK variant available to the US public without a stamp. Period. The WASR is a truck gun, and is reliable for limited use in a private collection.

The entire purpose of the meltdown test was to show viewers they get WHAT THEY PAY FOR. This is an obvious fact.

A $1500 AK will most certainly do things a WASR cannot. EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, IT DOESNT SAY CENTURY ARMS ANYWHERE ON A VEPR! !!!

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This rifle is much better then your un-coverted saiga or a wasr but very overpriced. Atlantic firearms just released pretty much they same thing for $1249 last week. (now sold out) Also you could just buy a vepr and add nice accessories yourself to have a more modern version then the hunting style rifle they ship into the USA as and still you would be way under 1500. Legion does make a great product but their joining the rest of the AK industry in charging to much money

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They HAD me, right up until Nodak Spud receiver. I was literally edging to se how they snuck stripped Russian receivers in. 1500 for one of these is dumb when they have the .308 1v-e for 1299. 100% roosk, including receiver.

As for the below comment that a WASR can compete with a $1500 AK, I am sorry, but WRONG. Even A $700 VEPR is far superior to a WASR. The 1v-e tactical vepr even more so. Veprs have a 1.5mm RPK receiver and trunnion, and heavier barrels, while a WASR has a 1mm Romanian receiver, standard trunnion, and the standard profile barrel.

WASRs are great plinkers. Heck, I'd trust one as a truck gun with my life. But Russian quality they are NOT.

Watch what a REAL AK (VEPR) can withstand versus a WASR on YouTube (search for AK meltdown parts 1 and 2). You are completely full of shit.

The gun listed here is a parts gun, and is NOT a VEPR. It is not even a Saiga.

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The test was full auto. Not a practical test for 99.9% of shooters. The Vepr is heavier, yes. Heavier does not translate to better, it just means the rifles have a different purpose. Comparing RPK spec'd rifle to a basic infantry rifle is also silly, considering the RPK is designed for long strings of sustained fire, it damn well better perform better under full auto mag dumps.

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I'm sorry, that $1500 AK will do nothing a $600 Wasr wont do.

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$1500?? Is this better than my saiga IZ132 I bought 6 months ago for $599?

Post the price next time.

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