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SR1911 .45ACP, 5" Barrel, Stainless Steel, 3-Dot Novak, 8+1. The newest offering from Ruger & Co. is the classic-styled series 70 designed Ruger SR1911 .45 Auto in durable low-glare stainless steel. The SR1911 offers the most sought after features: skeletonized aluminum trigger features with an adjustable over-travel stop providing for a very crisp, no creep, light trigger pull. Skeletonized hammer is lightweight for faster lock time. The SR1911 with its over-sized ejection port for reliability, positive barrel lockup for accuracy and extended magazine release for enhanced competition performance. The over-sized beavertail grip safety protects from "hammer bite" and provides positive function and reliability. The extended thumb safety and slide stop lever of the SR1911 provide for positive manipulation and reliability. Other features include the standard guide rod system and a checkered flat mainspring housing. The SR1911's grips are checkered hardwood for positive control. It's a must have firearm for every shooter from the occasional plinker to the most hardcore competitive shooter.

Ruger SR1911 .45 Auto Pistol
Model Number: 6700

Action: Single Action Semi-Automatic
Caliber: .45 Auto
Barrel Length: 5.0 Inches
Length: 8.67 Inches
Height: 5.45 Inches
Width: 1.34 Inches
Capacity: 8 Rounds
Safety: Thumb and Grip Safeties
Grips: Checkered Hardwood
Sights: Fixed Novak 3-dot
Finish: Low Glare Stainless Steel
Titanium Firing Pin
One 7-Round Stainless Steel Magazine
One 8-Round Stainless Steel Magazine
Bushing Wrench
Ruger Soft Case
Ruger Handguns (Pistols)
Product ID: 536703
UPC: 736676067008
MFG ID: 6700

The Ruger SR1911 is a classically styled pistol designed with all of the modern manufacturing advances that you come to expect from Ruger. Accurate, rugged and reliable, the SR1911 is 100% American-made in American factories with American workers.

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At $734 this is not a deal at all. Too bad allows the old pages with ratings based on much lower prices to be regurgitated by new users with overpriced deals. A great gun at $635, the going price for these.

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0 votes

Please provide a link to $635. I am in the market for one of these.

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0 votes

Ended up finding it for $615 at a local gun store. Even after tax it was less than KY + FFL transfer. Plus the added benefit of supporting a local brick and mortar store for me was a Win-Win.
Thanks for the follow up though.

Short review: My first 1911, but I love it. Trigger isn't bad although Ruger get's bashed for their triggers. I haven't shot a $2500 competition special though.
I also picked up a Kimber 22Lr conversion featured here a couple weeks ago, and the combination has now become my favorite 22 pistol to shoot, while also allowing me to practice with my actual gun and trigger combo for cheap. I have about 100 rounds of 22 and 50 rounds of .45 through it so far and not a hiccup.

0 votes
0 votes

I got excited when I saw the $615. I have a friend who wants one so I'm keeping an eye out. Assumed it was an internet deal. Glad you found one locally.

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0 votes
I don't know if they ship but they do mention email orders on their website.

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0 votes

This same Ruger is $599 with free shipping at SOS. Search this site and you will find it. I ordered two of them a week ago. Not a deal!

3 votes
0 votes

what company is it?

0 votes
0 votes

$679 shipped at but it appears it is the commander size. The SR1911s have been anywhere between $629 and 659 for the last few months. Keep looking.

1 vote
0 votes

glad they could earn your business

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0 votes

Crap it's being shipped from FL and I'm in FL. Almost $40 in taxes is too much for my taste... :/

Great deal though

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0 votes

Same problem bill to is in FL so not a great deal for me :(

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0 votes

This is a fantastic price. Just be aware that they add a $10 fee plus $25 shipping bringing the total to $634 before tax if you live in FL. Still a great deal...just wanted to give the information.

3 votes
1 vote

Best price I've seen yet on a sweet gun. This is barely over dealer cost so if some of you guys don't own one of these beauties strike while the iron is hot. This is the first 1911 out of my safe on range day. Smooth action, accurate, and feeds about any ammo you can load into the magazines. Made in the USA which is a bonus.

2 votes
2 votes

Make sure you check the dates on the posts regarding the SR1911. You should be able to find the government model in the ~$670 price range. seems to get them in stock frequently. If you qualify (check the requirements) for their LE purchase guns they run around $599. at the same place.

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0 votes

I agree, these things still sell out CRAZY FAST even at over $650.00+ but at this price they will be all gone in a matter of minutes, DON'T HESITATE! :-)

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0 votes
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