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Action Bolt Action
Barrel Black Steel
Caliber .308 Win
Firearm Capacity 10
Firearm Type Centerfire Rifle
Hand Right Hand
Optics Picatinny Top Rail
Rate of Twist 1
Receiver Black Anodized Aluminum
Safety Two Position Thumb
Stock Black Synthetic
Vendor Part Number 18004
Unit Weight 14.00 lb
Brand Ruger

Item No. 210975

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Expiration date Unknown Report

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I definitely get a fee from each and every part of it. This is a great and informative website. I need to bless your heart .. Thanks. online jigsaw puzzles

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Sold out as of today it seems

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Just ordered one Tuesday with 2 say shipping. No order shipped email yet. Anyone else?

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I got this rifle for the same just a little bit less a few weeks ago (I think it was $744 then) and its a steal. These are amazing precision rifles for the price (sure, there no GAPrecision or SAC), but they will shoot 3/4MOA easily. I am amazingly happy with min for the short period I have had it. You wont find it cheaper. I am waiting till the 6.5 goes on sale somewhere so I can snatch up another RPR

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They were indeed considerably less expensive just a few weeks ago. I am waiting for the Gen 3 with a couple upgrades and M-Lok. They must not have sold thru their inventory at the $780 price and that was a good price.

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They upped the price $150 over two weeks. These used to be $780. I bought one.

1 vote
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They want panic buying

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0 votes
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