When you only have one shot, make it count. When you think of single-shot rifles, think of the best - think Ruger No. 1. The No. 1 rifle is made for virtually every sporting activity.


Sliding tang safety provides instant security, visibility and accessibility
Strong, simple, compact falling block breech mechanism with artillery-style breechblock and under-lever is ideally suited for powerful cartridges
Cold hammer-forged barrel results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy and longevity

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"The No. 1 rifle is made for virtually every sporting activity."

Honey, are you ready to go to the baseball game? Yea one sec let me get my Ruger No. 1.

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Always liked these but cannot see a reason for them to cost so much.

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Model number and UPC show it to be a 450 Bushmaster but the post and PSA's website say it is a 450 Marlin. Which is it?

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I'd go by the model number info vs whatever the vendor has on their website, personally.

On a different note, could someone fill me in on why someone would ever do this as opposed to a bolt rifle?

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But would you really want to spend $1000 without knowing 100% what caliber it will be?

That's a legitimate question. The biggest one I see is that it will be substantially shorter compared to a bolt gun of the same barrel length. Great brush gun.

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