Ruger Mark III & 22/45 best upgrade you can do! Simple to install. Magazine Disconnect Bushing - $9.99

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This high quality 304 stainelss steel bushing is made for high duty cycle shooting and replaces the Ruger factory bushing allowing you to safely remove the Magazine Disconnect from the firearm. There are instructions on the internet showing the use of washers and other parts. This is unreliable and unsafe! Use an actual part that is designed for the job. This lets the hammer move properly and at the correct speed. You will be pleased with the fit and final result with this bushing. If you know how to clean this gun you can easily remove the disconnect. Removing the disconnect allows the magazines to fall free, allows them to seat properly and does allow the gun to fire with the magazine out for tactical competition and self-defense scenarios.

Magazines will slip right out
Easier takedown and cleaning
Reduces fail to feeds
No change in trigger response or function
Check to see if your state requires the magazine disconnect.

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@RimfirePlinker: These aren't

@RimfirePlinker: These aren't the ones that were being sold years ago on the forums. These ones are made in the USA and are made from stainless steel. From the looks of it too, they have a lifetime warranty and actual customer support. Those are 4 things different from the previous one being sold years ago.

Rumor has it too that removing the stock LCI can improve accuracy since there isn't any side pressure on the chambered round. Darn tempting combo deal is right....!

@: factionfx: If you have a Mark III, make sure you get a bushing designed for the Mark III hammer (like this one). They just fit better and could improve your trigger consistency even more.

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The Mark II bushing will fit

The Mark II bushing will fit in the Mark III hammer, but it leaves a space or gap and a lot of hammer slop. Our bushing has a step on the side that takes up the gap and reduces the wiggle. If you put a Mark II hammer in then the Mark II bushing is ok. If you just want to remove the Magazine Disconnect then our bushing is ideal. While you are at our site you can also upgrade your bumpers and remove the LCI as well.

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Thanks for the heads up. I

Thanks for the heads up. I have no problems with mine (Mark III 22/45), it seems to work great. With the VQ Mark II hammer bushing, VQ target sear, and VQ trigger I've got my trigger pull down to 2.5 lbs with no take-up and no overtravel.

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I have the one made by

I have the one made by Volquartsen (Mark II hammer bushing from midway) in my Mark III 22/45. Works great and is only 6.99. I agree with the other posters, this is an awesome upgrade. Also, the Volquartsen adjustable trigger is awesome too.

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Are these the same bushings

Are these the same bushings that were being sold years ago on and RimfireCentral ? Some people were just replacing their Mark III bushing with a Mark II bushing, BUT the problem is that the Mark II bushing wasn't meant to interact with a Mark III trigger bar due to it actually interacting with the newer magazine disconnect assembly. That retrofit (well, actually the opposite of retrofitting) caused some "slack". But, this type has a groove specifically fitted for the Mark III trigger bar, unlike a simple Mark II bushing, correct?

Edit: Confirmed. You make some nice bushings!! Cheapest, BEST upgrade for any Mark III !!

Darn it. You also make a Loaded Chamber Indicator filler plate...and you have a combo deal...darn you.

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=) We are working hard to

=) We are working hard to provide quality Mark III and 22/45 Upgrades and working to be a good one stop shop. We will be adding some more upgrade items in the near future too.

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These are a fantastic

These are a fantastic addition to your Mark III. The magazines will drop free and you wont have to mess with a magazine when cleaning. THe trigger pull will also be improved because you will be removing a lot of extra parts that pull on the trigger assembly and cause extra pressure. This is truly a must have for the Mark III & 22/45 owners.

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