RTS Tactical's Thunder Riot Protection takes quality to the next level. The interior of the suit it lined with moisture-wicking mesh, hard-shell polymer panels securely pinned, and all sewn attachment points are double stitched. Method of fastening is Velcro. The end product is a durable riot suit beyond the competition.

Behind the hard-shell polymer panels the suit is outfitted with EVA foam padding that reduces the effect of hard blows, mitigates blunt force trauma, and reduce the users fatigue in a confrontation.

Optional design for a Stab Proof Aluminum Insert Plate front and back chest / torso protection.

RTS Tactical Thunder Upper Torso and Shoulder protection
RTS Tactical Thunder Mid Section and Groin Protection
RTS Tactical Thunder Knee and Shin Guard Protection
RTS Tactical Thunder Arm/Elbow Protection
RTS Tactical Thunder Police Riot Gloves, Hard Knuckle
RTS Tactical Thunder Heavy Duty Gear Bag

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Perfect for the wanna be III-percenter who has been red-flagged but still wants to stage a counter protest.

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