RTS Tactical Body Armor Level IV Ceramic Active Shooter Kit consists of our Premium Tactical Plate Carrier with cumberbund and 2 removable NIJ Level IV 10x12 SAPI Cut Single Curve Ceramic armor plates.

The RTS Tactical Premium Plate Carrier utilizes top quality materials and offers the following features:

Upgraded shoulder support system that improves load distribution and comfort
Fast and donning platform while operating in an active shooter/first responder situation
3DX mesh sculpted internal lining, this plate carrier will breathe and offer comfort. Increased air flow = lower thermal load.
Quick hook-and-loop fastener adjustments for the front, back, and shoulders
Full 360 MOLLE webbing platform allows the operator to transform from a high-speed plate carrier set up to a heavy-duty assault platform variable to the operator's needs.
Side closure system with "pull forward" adjustment, this allows for full operation of the Plate Carrier without the need of the
Heavy Duty Reinforced drag handle.
Weight 3.6 lbs.
Cumberbund included

(Optional add-on NIJ 0101.06 Level IV 6x8 Single Curved ceramic armor side panels)

NIJ Level IV 10x12 SAPI Cut Single Curve Ceramic armor plate features:

SAPI Cut Single Curve.
NIJ 0101.06 Level IV.
Protection from 5.56mm green tip SS109.
Mil-Spec Ceramic Core
Waterproof Polyurea Coating for lasting Ballistic Integrity.
Thickness 1.1"
Weight 6.3 lbs.

From the NIJ website:
5.56mm ammunition designed for military use, with a steel or partial steel core, needs a ceramic or metallic component to the hard armor plate to stop it. Some Level III have a ceramic/metallic face, but not all. If you have identified the M855 or other similarly designed steel core ammunition as a potential threat, a Level IV plate is the best choice for protection among the armors on the Compliant Products List (CPL).


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I got my bundle about a week ago, took two months but it’s good enough for me a little on the heavy side and I thinks it’s a great value for your first rig

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These are NOT NIJ certified, the company is using shady business practices putting that information on their products. None of this company’s plates are on the NIJ approved list. Wouldn’t buy them and would never trust my life to them.

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Again the question remains...multi strike? 30.06 AP? They are offering just the plates at a much better pricing point in another post. How about over 4k fps, 204 ruger and 220 swift?

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Not NIJ listed, so these are “presumed” to pass Level IV testing.


This is primarily why the price point.

To answer you question on the random calibers and velocities - refer to the NIJ specifications for what the levels are designed to protect against.

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Weight is a bit high, but they’re Level IV. Way better option than steel plates. Major downside is these plates are single curve. OK for infrequent, but not ideal if you’re planning to wear the armor for long stretches of time.

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