Featuring our NiB coated Right To Bear Lightweight carrier, weighing in at approximately 6.8 Ounces, or 194.1 Grams for you lightweight build fanatics! Using our low mass Carrier creates less reciprocating mass moving back and forth inside the action, which reduces recoil significantly. Our lightweight carrier also allows proper cycling with less gas. When used in conjunction with an adjustable gas block & reduced power buffer spring, you can tune the gas way down, which will reduce muzzle rise and carbon build up.

The increased lubricity from the Nickel Boron process allows you to take full advantage of its lightweight profile. The slick surface combined with our lightweight carrier, creates very little resistance and allows the rifle to cycle smoother and increases reliability.

This current batch is being sold at a discount rate due to some rough machine marks. These machine marks do not affect functionality and are on par with most other companies as far as cosmetics. We are just extremely picky.

Click here for the reduced power buffer spring
Click here for the adjustable gas blocks


Nickel Boron Finish for superior lubricity
Weight: 6.8 Ounces / 194.1 Grams!
8620 Tool Steel (Carrier)
Mil-Spec Gas Key (4130 Steel) attached with Grade 8 hardware and Properly staked
Lifetime Warranty (you break it, we replace it)


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