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Official Product of Rousch Sports, Austin, TX!
**** IMPORTANT ****
Please verify your Rifle Requires a 9.75inch tube
Please Verify your Barrel is sized for .750 block
Please verify this is the correct length for Your purposes (Length = 11.75 inches)
Manufactures produce 4 different standard lengths.
Please verify that your rifle uses the 9.75 inch style.
Please Verify this item is the correct length for your .223, 5.56, 300 blackout, 6.5 Grendel etc.

PLEASE VERIFY Block will fit intended purpose before purchase

*** PLEASE *** Verify that your Barrel manufactured with a diameter of .750 for this item to fit correctly

Please send us an email if you have any questions.
We Will do our best to help you out.
**** Barrel Diameters Vary by Caliber and Manufacturer ****
This block has a .750 inside diameter
Just because it will accommodate the intended caliber does not mean it will fit the barrels .
You must verify .750 Barrel diameter

One-Rousch Stainless Steel 9.75-Inch length tube
One- Rousch Micro Low Profile Aluminum Block .750 Inside Diameter
Comes Complete with Pin and two set screws
Ensures consistent gas flow to help your rifle cycle properly


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I've bought lots of Rousche stuff too, but I'd steer clear of this particular "deal" because the gas block is made from aluminum. Not really a deal.

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Great company. I've bought a fair share of parts from rousche.

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