Romanian PM90 Pistol SBR Ready - Special introductory - $729

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Romanian PM90 P Semi Auto AK47 Pistol Features

7.62x39 AK47 Pistol
Virgin Romanian parts kit
4150 Nitride treated barrel by Green Mountain
SBR Ready (after ATF Approval)
Original wire folding stock, gently welded in the closed position
Comes with owner’s manual and one 30 round magazine ( style may vary)
1 Year warranty from AWS

The PM90 P semi auto Pistol chambered in 7.62x39 built by AWS. The PM90 P has a solid foundation utilizing a Virgin Romanian parts kit with a new US receiver and 4150 Nitride treated barrel. These pistols are SBR ready and easy to convert into a Short barrel rifle after NFA approval. With the AWS PM90P, no expensive conversion work is needed, you can have your cake and eat it to! Standard AK pistols are not easy to convert down the road due to the proprietary rear trunnion. The PM90P however features a standard AK rear trunnion and AK hand guard configuration while enjoying the compactness of a 12 inch barrel. This means you can install tactical accessories, change stock or arm brace options, and can upgrade individual parts with the same ease as any standard AK rifle.

The PM90P includes the original wire folding stock, gently welded in the closed position with a small tack weld; shooters seeking an authentic SBR candidate needn't look further! The mild tac weld holding the wire stock forward can be removed with a Dremel tool in just minutes and the stock will function as intended. Alternatively, the wire stock can simply be removed using the 2 rear tang stock screws, allowing the entire wire stock to be replaced with ease. These action of course comes with specific legal obligations, requiring compliance with the National Firearms Act & proper approval. The PM90 P AK47 Pistol comes with owner’s manual and one 30 round AK47 magazine ( Style and condition may vary). All backed up by a 1 Year warranty from AWS the manufacturer.

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
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No one else sells these.

No one else sells these. Period.

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Hey AF, If you guys didnt

Hey AF, If you guys didnt know this you are never the cheapest around. I don’t think I have purchased anything from you all in over 2yrs. Prepper, KVar, etc....they get all my AK business now a days. Just can’t see over paying in a buyers market.

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