Romanian M69 .22 Training Rifles - $119.95 shipped

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These are the last of the Romanian M69 rifles you'll see in America!!! Our Romanian Model 1969 Military training rifles are all in good to excellent used condition and are chambered in .22 rimfire with near excellent bores.These are full sized .22 rifles and are great fun to shoot. Features an adjustable rear sight for 25/50/100 yards.

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 22 LR
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The Romanian M69 rifle is my

The Romanian M69 rifle is my #1 in holiday wish list. I hope it will be available very soon, after I do my research for what is the most recommended rifle for beginners Romanian M69 is the one that is really stand out by quality and price range.

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I'm amending my earlier

I'm amending my earlier review. Here's my experience with Royal Tiger. After about a month of waiting from placing my order, I tried to contact them to get an update on when my firearms were going to ship. Since they're so busy at the moment, they are not taking calls or answering emails. It took three weeks and many attempts to get in touch with them to receive a response, and only then from contacting

Apparently both my firearms had shipped to my FFL a month ago, but they never marked the items as shipped on their website, notified me of the shipping, or put any contact/name/order information on the actual firearms they shipped to my FFL. So, my FFL had no idea who the firearms belonged to, and I had no idea they were at my FFL. Once I found out they had indeed been shipped I was able to get in touch with my FFL and figure out they did indeed have my items. It was a comedy errors, any one of them easily fixable were it not for the panic buying spree going on at the moment.

As for the firearms themselves, the AK (the sporter version) is pretty decent quality, about on par with a WASR-10. The other rifle I bought was this M69, but I don't know if I would rate its condition as "very good" (according to their site). The bluing is good, but the stock is in pretty subpar condition.

My advice is to go ahead and order from them, they're a legit company (I had my doubts initially after reading other negative reviews), but do be vigilant about checking in with your FFL after they charge your card, and keep low expectations for their used items. Otherwise I'm quite happy with my purchases, though less so with the process of obtaining them.

Side note on the M69, don't get confused by the wording on the website. The rifle does indeed come with an original 5 round mag, they are just out of extra magazines to sell by themselves.

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its a shame that there are no

its a shame that there are no mags or id order one

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