Series '70: No Firing Pin Block Safety
Tactical Model w/ Enhancements (skeletonized hammer & trigger, low profile combat sights, ambi thumb safety and high ride grip safety)
5" Hammer Forged Barrel
Parkerized Finish
4120 Ordnance Grade Steel Construction
Smooth Wood Grips
Beveled Magazine Well
Lowered Ejection Port with Rear Scallop Relief (for reliability)
Caliber: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: (1) 8- Round
Barrel Length: 5"
Action Type: Single Action
Warranty: Lifetime

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Rebates for Armscor Rock Island brand

Exp. date: 31.12.2023
Buy any TM22 and get a FREE 25rd magazine.
Buy a 22TCM Pistol and get 100rds of 22TCM ammo*.
Buy a VRPF14 and get a FREE 19rd magazine.
Buy a PF14 and get a FREE 19rd magazine.
Buy a Lever Action Shotgun, get $250 in web credit.

*TCM9R is NOT included. If 22TCM ammo cannot be shipped to your location, you will receive $75 web credit.

End of Submission: Jan. 15, 2024.

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Wow this seems a solid deal. I am not super educated about Rock Island manufacturing so will do that prior to purchasing one of these. I've been wanting a 1911 in 9mm for a long time. This one seems reasonably priced and been around awhile. Anyone care to share their "Rock Island Armory" experience and review?

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Tried to order, but CDNN won't ship to New York state.

CDNN = the Bloomberg of gun dealers

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3 votes


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1 vote

9rd mag?

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that's right. what's the problem? all 9mm 1911s come with 9rd mags.

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Best price going, but just FYI CDNN had a special deal on this about a week ago for $20 less. Just picked mine up today, but haven't run anything through it.

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