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Remington UMC Range Bucket Handgun Ammunition .380 Auto 95 gr FMJ 955 fps 300/ct - All UMC handgun ammunition is American-made in Lonoke, Arkansas, using first-quality, factory-fresh brass and clean-shooting Kleanbore
Caliber .380 ACP
Grain 95 gr
Bullet Type FMJ
Velocity 955 fps
Rounds 300
Brand UMC
UPC 047700477107
Mfg Part# 23978
Product Number: RT23978

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Exp. date: 01.09.2020
All requests must be postmarked by 8/31/20.

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380 is reasonably priced at target sports

Geco 380 ACP Auto 95 Grain Full Metal Jacket Waterproof
1000 rounds

Special $189.80

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I like the Remington UMC ammo a little better, but I have shot the Geco in 9mm, 380, 32 and 25 calibers and it shoots just fine. Thanks for the for a 1000 rounds.

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Couple weeks ago it was $64.99 w/free shipping. I like the Remington UMC ammo for use at the range. If It ever gets to where I can buy 1000 rounds delivered for $175 I would stock up on a few thousand rounds. If that price became the norm I would probably buy a few more guns in that caliber. I like shooting my Bersa Plus and my CZ 83 but it’s a little expensive in comparison to even 9mm.

Some say it is not an effective defensive round but I find at the range it allows me to be more accurate at a faster rate of fire at greater distances than with any other caliber gun I own... large or small...including my favorite CZ P01 9mm. So much so, I find myself carrying the 380 more often and leaving my primary carry, a Kahr CM9 at home.

It is a double stack 12+1 steel gun that has shown it will eat anything I choose to feed it. With today’s ammo, there are plenty powerful enough 380 ammo to get the job done, if I do mine. Since I feel shot placement is the most significant factor and this CZ 83 is the gun that I can best quickly make it happen with, it just makes sense. Plus with 12+1 rounds I can deal with multiple bad guys. All this in a reasonable size carry gun.

Anyhow I would like to see the price of 380 ammo come down to at least to that of 9mm. If it did I believe more people would be buying and shooting 380 caliber guns.

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All those that say its not an effective defensive round are usually ignorant of the fact the newer 380 has twice the power of the old 380s of the long past, They now have close to power of a 9mm.

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